Sunday, December 26, 2004

openeyes, blink, back to bed?

hey. hey.

ripley here.

This: music-related thingy.

links: posted as they come.

You can download my mix for Havocsound from the page for the summer '04 tour:
go to Mashit tour site and scroll to the end of my bio for the link.

Played a radio show on the QE2, wzbc-boston, late November. Will post that as soon as I get it. Highlights include my first small Grime experiment, Tanya Stephens and Ill Inspecta on a Germaican riddim, classic Prisoners of Technology track, and teh usual dollops of ragga, breakcore, and dancehall.

new mix forthcoming on Death$ucker records. Info will no doubt be available from as soon as the website is up. Repping everything from Sickboy to Sizzla to Mystikal to DropTheLime to Donna Summer to Aphasic to TOK to the Puppet Mastaz.. and other wierdnesses.

Today, Sunday Dec 26, Kid K and I will likely play on the radio courtesy of 5lowershop. Possibly accessible online at, they have an FM transmitter, I'll update w/details. sometime after 8pm PST most likely.

On New Years eve, barring rain, I'll be playing at the Spazport party on the 5lowershop system. (call 1-800-GUN-NUMB for info). I've unearthed my hardcore from 1995 to throw in a little ten-year nostalgia kick - DTK and Praxis and various thumps, slithered with some newer basslines and assorted howls from near and far.

And upcoming events on January 8th. keep checkin. no sleep.