Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Choon Up!! San Francisco this saturday

Saturday Feb 5!

We're taking over from the previous crew, they've given us the early slot (9pm-12am), and I'll be playing the first hour. So get your drink on, get hyped up on caffeine, whatever it takes to be in a good mood by 9pm and come by early this week for sure. It's also free before 10pm, hold tight the broke ass cats out there, ripley's got yer back. If folks move, I'll play dancing tunes, if yer all horizontal and shit I'll make it chiller.

if all goes well we'll make it a monthly ting.

460 Haight Street at Webster


  1. It was awesome.

    Please make it a monthly ting!


  2. looks like you are settled in over there and doing fine Ripley.

    No , we didn't meet in NYC
    but I will listen to your mix
    and report bk .

    Remains busy here in town ,
    quite cold wind today.
    What with releases
    (DCC "This Is Riphop",
    Rare & unreleased Dominatrix,
    "no wave proto electro" NYC 11979 -'84) ,
    new music (Dystopian Inhumans)

    A nice bill of free Grime coming to Supreme Trading on the 20th
    (Cameo and others)

    Cheers Ripley

  3. CHeers, y'all! thanks for writing. we're going to try to get it regular on the regular..