Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Deadbeat/Monolake/ Olive/Once11

Just got back from a little show out in Hunter's Point at Recombinant Media Labs. Asphodel's mothership, a glowing dome inside a corrugated box at the end of a dirt road.

We'd gathered at the gate with mostly skinny-pants'ed folk, as the 2 jolly security guys told us we had to wait before going down the road to the venue. We shivered, though I had brought tea with chai-honey in it and sucked it down steaming, wished friends happy new year (big up dhamaal crew and assorted heads).

Logan5, Kid Kameleon and I came to the early show, since we'd all got work looming on tuesday. Turns out we were lucky to do it. half an hour later we all trudged down the dirt road.. last time I made a trek in a crowd on unpaved streets to music the pants had been bigger, the trek longer, and the air much warmer. We all compared memories and stood in a line for a bit longer.

The show itself? Quite nice. Once11 had told us yesterday he was tring to pull dub together that sounded right but was using costa rican and other non-jamaican music. I couldn't name the samples or their origins, or whatever he was getting from where, but it swung pretty nicely, kinda ambiently. I heard him say he'd written it all this past week, and I'd believe it. Not that it has to be otherwise, but it was a touch formless. Olive's tracks also ran a bit long and linear for me, but had good undulant dancehall beats underneath, with warmer sounds riding it and strings and strums skipping along the top.

Deadbeat's set was pretty great. It was actually a bit warmer and more melodic than I had hoped... I'm drawn to the Rhythm-and-sound minimal, chilly sparkling dub. There were more guitar sounds, more vocals, and melody.. but still, the crackling production and frictionless (without being slippery or slick) bass tones held us all (who'd made it inside the small space) aglow.

monolake was slightly breakier than I had expected, and the dubbish sounds were welcome. But something about the short cycles of beats means I just don't feel moved to dance, and wished I could recline instead of leaning against an equipment rack on the cement floor where the carpet ran out. We left right before the show was due to end, only to find a quintet of cops standing around outside in the process of shutting the show down for some reason or other. Just like New York!

"Be careful" said one of them, with relish "it's a dangerous neighborhood around here." Yeah, I wonder why all of you are shutting down this event instead of making it less dangerous. Not that I'm convinced by their mission in the first place, but keeping the world safe from underground parties seems to be a big focus of police these days.

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  1. hey i was at that show! i found your blog trying to google more info on Deadbeat. i thought his set was so dope...like pole 2.0. strangly, or not so, i live in oakland too. just moved here.

    anyways, cool blog. i dont have a blog, per say, but check out my website. you might like some of the music on there:


    ok, back to trying to find Deadbeat's music.