Monday, January 31, 2005

a few new choons

I bought totally HOTTT boots. plus a stack of dancehall records today.

The new crop of singers' names continues to be really funny. There is both a singer named "Voice Mail" and one named "Busy Signal." Hee.

But Mr. G on the "middle east" riddim (Hold up, Wait a Minute, Let me put some Pimpin' in it), the free up, the Klymaxx riddim, and is also good, with a wet-clap sound, a sort of xylophone bit and Capleton doing a sort of busta rhymes/snaggle puss imitation interspersed with the usual fire stuff.. and Double Barrell beepin away.

Plus the new Goldspot productions 12" - one side of which is crap boring conventional house, of the kind that the NY 2step scene retreated to in a colossal failure of musical nerve.. (shuddering memory of Benny Ill of Horsepower playing in NYC, and playing a grand total of 3 tunes that weren't straight house of the kind you can hear every night. I can't comment on the quality of the house, I shudder because I listened to all of it while waiting for something interesting. bleh.) Anyway the other side is sort of oddly dubbed-out and glitchy beats that just escape being grime. nice... and it's got what sound like north-african samples.

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