Sunday, January 09, 2005

fun party, not the best set

The Noodle Factory is a great space. There were 3 rooms, a nice mix of people, a lot of Dancehall representing (big up Kwame and Uncle Ouija), due to some communications breakdown I ended up playing substantially earlier than I thought.

Note: when the Soundguy is drunk, and tests the sound system with techno, there may be problems. I realised a few minutes in that the needles were feeding back like hell, and continued to for the whole set. Anything with bass.. whoooommmmm.... Forgot to ask Kid Kameleon for his needles (when he went up -and KILLED it- later in the night switching the needles helped a lot). Wasn't so much overtones, and this huge wummity sound, that made many of the records (especially the 7inches) sound like they were being played at the end of a long dark tunnel with NO bright light at the end of it. sigh. At least Billy Jungle got a cheer, as it always does. The channel for the left turntable also kept cutting out. there was no crossfader, and when I tried to use the sliders instead I lost the sound half the time. So that was a bit sad. Still got some compliments and people danced. It was before midnight and most folks were touring the rooms rather than staying put.

3 sets later, Kid K fixed some of the technical issues, and generally slammed down an insane mix of tunes which had people revved up and dancing like fools. lovely fools. And DJ Lobsterclaw (formerly Heathrow) of the SoFat sound started with more shouty jungle, but switched up to "that sure is some freaky shit" grime half an hour in.

It was recorded, but I'm not optimistic about my sounds this time around. I'll have plenty of time to warm up for the monthly we are starting - first gig February 5th!


  1. awww! i miss the robster craw!


  2. yeah you never know when he''l pop up. It was great to see him. He'd just got in from the UK that morning and looked like warm friendly skinny death, even more so than usual.