Monday, January 10, 2005

"I had to get rich so I could sing like I was poor again."

I've always had respect for Dolly Parton. She's fought her way through a lot of shit, from a dirt-poor background and has come out of it a hell of a worker, a hell of a performer, super-funny, and generally got her shit together.

In an interview in the Guardian, she talks a bit about how she handles the rights to her songs, so she has the independence to record tunes she likes.

She pays her own recording costs, then leases her songs to the Sugar Hill label. Because she doesn't depend on the label to fund her recording costs before the songs are written, she can sing what she likes. Of course, it's because she's rich she can afford to fund her own recording, but also it's because she's famous and a strong brand that a label would take a chance on leasing her tunes. Still, it's another window into how the music industry works. And how hard it is to sing music popular among (or that speaks to) the not-rich.

"I had to get rich so I could sing like I was poor again"

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