Sunday, January 02, 2005

New Year's Eve gig - happy new year to all

The event was No Exit-New Year's Evil Party at the Spaz North Warehouse - spaz peeps hosted and held down the inside lineups, we played outside in the courtyard on the 5lowershop sound system. It was intermittently pouring all day and night, but it actually went ok. those folk have their shit together. A decent sound system, a gigantic tarp held up with poles and ropes, the dj decks set up inside Jack Clang's veggie-oil powered bus.

I had the midnight slot, and pulled together a happy crew of people, dancing on the puddled asphalt. The boy said the wind blew the center pole down at one point - i couldn't see, too busing djing - I like to think I brought down the house. Being 6foot 5, the boy was delegated to hold up the tarp until they could get the center pole (12 feet at least) up again. Heh. So he raised the roof.

Crowd was a fun mix of burning man, crusty punx, dreads, goths, and fabulous club boys slouch-slinking to West Berkeley to finish off their New Year's Eve. It's one of the first time I've seen a sizable obviously gay presence at aparty where they music was equally hardcore/breakcore/jungle, as well as the electrobreaks and booty bass (and boring techno). It seemed like the after party of choice for a good few. Mostly a white few, though. one of the few black kids I saw was in white face makeup.

Considering I couldn't hear much, set went pretty well. followed Rtype's hardcore/breakcore vibe (a real 'ein zwei drei vier' opening) - started with "party tonight" -Tanya Stephens ("cuz tomorrow the world may be over!"), into '97 Ambush, into Billy Jungle precisely at midnight.. went on for a bit in the ragga breakcore side of things, some Shitmat (all the new records of his rock so hard - heard 3 or 4 of them from various djs over the night) into the instrumental of "Big Pimpin" on 45, into the classics - the pharoah riddim, into "bombs over baghdad." That was my little polemical throwdown, mixing into "Patriotism" and the Krinjah Bam Bam remix... good fun, more jungle, breakcore and dancehall before the night was through.

Followed by Heartworm, who went from ragga into skittery noise madness.. a few more djs I wasn't really feeling, including a very rude cat who got up supposedly for a 15 minute set (he was added because other djs had cancelled), and then wouldn't get off the decks (using my headphone, by the way, which I had lent Worm) for Kid Kameleon. Also, played abolutely boring techno and cleared the dancefloor. Totally empty. Nobody wanted to hear it, and still he hung on for a while. Finally Kid K came on and livelied up the place with some ragga, some mashup fun, making the goths happy with hus Busta/Cure mashup: Close To Woo-Ha! As we left, one of the other grime champions we know, Savage Rythm, was tearin it up inside with some Lady Sovereign (bless!) and other goodness. We left at 4ish with our other grime confederate Subtek, who didn't get a chance to play here, but with whom myself and Kid K will join forces in the new year. Possibly a new monthly coming up at Nikki's - we'll get the word out on that as soon as we know.

For now, don't forget our gig on the 8th!!


  1. Ripley supplied the perfect sounds for the most intense part of the year! Dig the ODB for the brooklyn people! the dude that came after threatened me with a headache from his noise....maybe he should think about a segue? sounded like my stereo went from stereolab to nordic metal. But Ripley blew it apart.
    So sad to miss Kid K, my party wanted to leave, and I needed some silence to wrap my head around it all. Kid K in the future!-tm

  2. sounds like a wicked way to start the new year. san fran sounds like a good place to be in general. we miss the good ones in NYC. eventually, they all leave us & the city gets uglier by the day.
    be well & happy new year.

    sheena b.