Tuesday, February 15, 2005

'sbeen too long..

Choon-up party was a rousing success, as those of you lovelies who came out (some before 10pm even) can attest.. We had about 150 people total for the night, and it's not a big club. The bartender was impressed. She's also the booking agent. Unfortunately, miscommunication reigned, and we did not get a monthly there.

Undaunted, we have rounded up for you another venue for March 5 - House of Shields. Less uh congenial location (financial district) - New Montgomery btw. Mission and Market. Sound system without that magnificent woofer.. but still, not bad for a quick search. Big up the Robynn for connecting that up!

And this one, I've been told I'll be playing either at 11 or 12 - a better timeslot for all you dancing beasties. the dancefloor is smaller here, so don't be afraid to clear out the chairs and shake the balcony! I'll post the full info in a week or so. There are a couple other djs playing (kid kameleon won't be playing, sadly), and I've never heard them so I can't say for sure what the rest of the night will hold.. But I'll do my level best to hold down the eclecto-basso-thumpity ragga sound.. there will be grime, there will some of that reggae that's at exactly too-fast-for-grime tempo mixed with other stuff I got.. it'll be NICE.

Working on this event (there are at least six and kind of eight people involved) has reminded me again how lucky I was to start my musical/party world with Toneburst events, first attending, then helping out with, and lastly djing at. One of the hallmarks of their style was that everyone involved got treated fairly, and you knew it -they were upfront about where the money went, about who got paid what and why. Other hallmarks were eclecticism, and fondness for ragga jungle, multimedia performances/installations and political/critical art and themes.
But my point here is they really put their money where their mouths were, and treated artists equally. There wasn't a lot of money involved, but they took pains that it was shared out. I still remember I think the first event I got involved in - I just helped hang lights and clean up and decorate and stuff, and I totally didn't expect recompense, I was psyched to get to know people and be a part of it and be at the party for free.. But at the end of the night one of the organizers came over and gave me 20 bucks. I said I didn't need it, but he insisted, that's how they did things. It wasn't the money, but it was the meaning behind it - my contribution was being taken seriously. I took that to heart so much, and I still think it's best to operate that way.

I've seen it from several sides - some folks throwing events are too bourgie to realise that money is still a way to signal someone's worth to you - if you do an event and have to prioritise, it's an easy sign of what's most important. Other times it's that hierarchichal attitude that you stick it to the people who will put up with it for other reasons, and give money to folks who wouldn't get involved otherwise (exactly backwards from how I want to reward folks, and a bad bad way to grow a team).

Anyway I'm glad all over again I has such a good solid and crazy-creative folk around me in Boston like ten fucking years ago (damn).. and lucky me I get to play with'em still! (East coast mini-tour in mid March for the djripley!)


  1. Yes! Thanks for putting "reggae that's at exactly too-fast-for-grime tempo" into words. I've been building up a set of that stuff lately as well. Too slow to mix w. jungle. Too fast to mix w. grimy dubstep. There are a few other choice nuggets that can work with that tempo, like Britney Spears' Toxic, Masta P's Tight Whips, and some of the old school jungle that was at 160 BPM can be slowed down to match. I'm sure there's a lot of old ard core out that that would work too.

    Thanks also for reflecting on Toneburst. It's nice to hear your perspective. I'm psyched we were able to work together on that.

  2. Yeah, other things that can work are some of the Al Haca stuff, and oo that old old jungle and ardcore.

    heh. "we roll tight whips, every day.." what a frickin classic tune.