Thursday, March 31, 2005

Ripley in SF Saturday

Last minute confirmation..

IN-OUT-THROUGH: The French Connection
/*/* "un beau bas mortel de techno" /*/*

The first lil' party at the new 5lowershop satelite space in SF!

this Saturday night, 9:00 PM, April 2nd.

s/Miles Per-Form/ances by:

- IOT Soundsystem.
- Amandroid.
- Solstingr.
- Ripley.
- Second ambient room hosted by FAK LABS featuring heartworm,
skewerley, aviatrix,
666 gangstaz, spirel, plus more.

Slides by Alysha, visuals by VJ Kevlar.

$5 sliding

OK folks, the dilemma begins. Kid Kameleon represents with Subtek,
Mike B and more at the Choon-Up, house of shields..

... but Ripley's been lured away to play a new space in SF run by 5lowershop affilates.. new mini-warehouselike vibe.. never been there, should be fun!

for those who will do both, or coming on the ripley side of things: note the phone number below - call that for location on the day of. Somewhere in SF...

I will post here when I know the exact set time I will play.

Monday, March 28, 2005

NY gigs warm my heart.

Well. Many thanks to many people.

Big big big ups to DJ Spinoza and the Bunker crew at Subtonic! It was a great party, friday night, with DJ C, and Stelfox also threw down some soulful and slammin dancehall early on, warming up the room and drawing folks in. DJ C rocked the laptop, I went up for a minute afterwards, and then CX Kidtronik showed up all latenight stylee and wrecked the decks as we wandered home.

And thanks to all the lovely peeps who showed up - dj data, criterion, doily, dj north guinea hills, Mad EP, Mathhead, several of the street medic massive, familiar faces from NYC shows in the past (activists, musicians, and dancydancedancers), the angel, the cat, spitandducttape peeps, Bassbot massive, JT from Dub Trio for dropping off a 7inch, the blissblogger, Geeta of the original soundtrack.. many other folks I was happy to see.

it was a lovely, dancing hollering crowd. After 2 gigs earlier in the week where there wasn't much space or vibe for dancing, I was so excited and happy to be in front of a real dancefloor that I mixed even faster than usual and ran out of my set early. Which meant I played some b-sides and accompanying tracks and rediscovered that the Enduser EP has no bad tracks on it, that Pressups can lay down classic-sounding upbeat ragga jungle tunes till there's no tomorrow, that people still run up to find out about the Puppet Mastaz, and that I had mislaid an entire stack of 7inches including the bee snares 7" (wah!) and the Kashmir riddim (waaaah!). Even so, it was a blast. Such a pleasure to play for people who seem to love the tunes as much as I do.

it was a pretty rough week, for family reasons. But in my Boston area time, I did get to take a night out on Monday for Beat Research, and on Thursday for Wicked Wicked thursdays at the River Gods. I'm so lucky to know and be able to work with so many brilliant and super-nice people. Rumor has it DJ C may be branching out to some other gigs in the Cambridge area, and more sounds and events in the works from various heads.

And at the last minute I got to drop by broklyn beats house and buy a stack of records.. new shipment from toolbox, check it out online!

Friday, March 25, 2005


2 of 3 gigs gone by. Big up dj C, dj Flack, dj Pace and all at the Enormous Room for representing early in the evening Monday night. And many thanks to wayneandwax for the thursday night gig and the River Gods for tasty food.

Bunker tonight with dj C, we drive down from Boston this afternoon. Stelfox representing as welll, NY area heads come out and dance!

Redzeroradio,resonance fm is re-broadcasting the entire 3 day event again this weekend (has been starting thursday), this time I'm 1am Sunday night (monday morning).. which is dinner time East Coast style, and a nice Sunday Brunch for all the west coast massive. Redzero will soon have my set (and many others) archived as well - there are sets you should be getting from them , anyway, and check back for mine..

Saturday, March 19, 2005

aw, blush - first CD review!

A really nice review from Boomkat on the Death$ucker mix.

check it:

"F*ck me, if this was anymore breathless they could feature it on Grandstand! DJ Ripley's 38 track monster mix CD gatecrashes the party with a Black and Decker in one hand a bag of Ketamine in the other, ploughing through a set which ram raids Breakcore, Hip-Hop, and Dancehall lobbing in fistfuls of soul, jungle and dub for good measure. Understanding the need for contrast, Ripley sends the modem rupturing breakcore of I-Sound careering headfirst into the honey-drenched soul of some Derek Harriot's aural silk before bringing it back up to the boil through a set of Mystikal sampling experimental breaks from an anonymous beat monger. Further in, the grand beat platters of Donna Summer's guitar drenched 'Jungle Is Driving Me Crazy' is sent spinning as it hits the Neptunes' produced Baby featuring Clipse before it all goes low-end, rumbling drum and bass with Gang Related & Mask's 'Biters'. Elsewhere, everyone from Kid606 and The Puppetmastaz through to Shitmat and Bounty Killer make an appearance on this gleefully irreverent mix that chucks in plenty of curve balls to keep you on your toes."

hee. heh. wow. speechless, really. nice one, thanks a million, boomkitties!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

ripley on RedZeroRadio thursnight!!

Posted below full information on the mad mad mad festival of noise that I wish I could be physically present for, in London starting tonight.. I've sent them a mix I made for the first night of the radio broadcast. It's broadcasting on the net too, of course. 3am London time, which is nice and early (10ish?) for you East Coast North Americans, and maybe a late-afternoon jammy for the West Coast North Americans (didn't want to forget the canadian massive).

So tune in! I think it will be archived here as well.

Below the pretty picture is the track list, for the curious.

1. Death Row - Special K, Paul FM, Steve & Mich (Tearin' Vinyl)
2. 100+/suxxxess - Society Suckers (Kool Pop)
3. Stylee - SoundMurderer & SK-1 (Rewind!)
4. Djs get uncomfortable – Knifehandchop (+internet vector) (Tigerbeat06)
5. Popey – Kazam.X (
6. Cookers – Camp Lo (Stimulated/Loud Records)
7. Back 2 Skool – Nocturne (Audio Couture)
8. “Rave is Back” – LXC (Phantomnoise Records)
9. The Lion Sleeps (ghost330 mix) – 45 Thieves (Conquest Records)
10. Genie in a Bottle – Bit Meddler (mu)
11. Interlude for Grandpa – Mutamassik (Sound Ink)
12. white label- old ragga jump-up
13. Trio Inferno – Sickboy (Junk)
14. Bounce me – Andrews Sisters
15. Baby 9mm – Parasite (Peace Off)
16. Antibreak 2 – Trouble Clef (
17. The Bird Song – Dj Marsta (Fatale Attraction)
18. U Got Me Up (Cajmere remix) – DaJae
19. Braaa!! (Request the Text) – Shades of Grey Brick Cellie Remix, General Degree (Southern Cuba Records)
20. Eye of the Eastwood – DJ Eastwood (Black Majik)
21. Nu Styling feat. DJ Collage – Stereotyp v. Al Haca (Klein)
22. Inner Heart (Sublow Remix) _ DJ Dreddy (Sublow FM)
23. Caned Pees – Hawerchuck (Planet Mu)
24. Pim Pong – Kema Kaur (Adaadat)
25. The Knowledge – Toasty (Hot Flush)
26. Poor Health Bad Constitution –Repeater (Peace Off)
27. Bad Boys and Police – Kirk Davis and Lion Heart (Youngblood)

Monday, March 14, 2005

Ever used a sample?

The US Copyright Office is considering changing copyright law to allow us access to works where the copyright owner can't be found. Right now, even if you want to track down the author and pay for a sample, sometimes you can't.. and then the law is against you even if there's no way to reach the author. they call them Orphan Works. locked away from the public because the laws don't make sense.

The C.O. has specifically asked for comments from people who have run up against the problem of trying to clear a potentially copyrighted work -- either for use in a new creative effort or simply to make the work available to the public once again.

the EFF has a site set up with a webform where you can tell your story of difficulty. If you've got one, go.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

R.I.P. George Scott

I got into some gospel via a couple of things. The first was a weird fun liberal-arts college class called "Greek Drama in Modern Performance" I took my first year in college (which was 1991, if you're counting), where we listened to a production of Oedipus at Colonus called "Gospel at Colonus" that included performances by the Blind Boys of Alabama. I think the first time I had heard gospel that I recognized as a specific sound was connected to "spirituals" in the soundtrack for "Eyes on the Prize" when it came out. But something about the arrangements in "Oedipus/Gospel", and perhaps the odd re-fitting created by the greek play (like a mashup in the best possible way?), really hit me, cradled me, shook me.

Anyway I also borrowed and played to death a CD simply called "The Gospel Sound" which is the best compilation I ever heard - Blind Willie Johnson, Mahalia Jackson, Golden Gate Quartet (who I always meant to feature in a mix, but Kid K beat me to it), Dixie Hummingbirds, and more.

As is obvious, I'm in no way an expert. There's a particular sound that speaks to me, and I know it when I hear it, but that's as far as it goes. Low-fi - a similar vibe perhaps to 1960s ska - gets into my heartstrings somehow. In high school, Billy Bragg (along wth early ska), and more recently Manu Chao, got me in a similar.

but I owe a lot to the sound of the Five Blind Boys, and now its founding member, George Scott, is dead. Rest in Peace.

Saturday, March 12, 2005


So Dj Pace (also resident at Beat Research, where Kid K and I are playing a week from Monday), another dj/scholar, has created a cool cool coooooool thing.

the Library of Vinyl Experience is online at

" The mission of L.O.V.E. is to preserve, research and represent the "vinyl" experience. Our on-line library will consist of a Wiki community that documents, shares and discusses rare and/or culturally important recorded material that has entered the public domain. By doing so, we will document the collections for future generations, generate and share ethnographic, historical, and structural data about the material, and introduce the general public to music that would otherwise remain obscure."

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

ripley mini-tour!

I've got 3 gigs - a mini-tour..

Kid K and I didn't find any gigs in NY on the 18-19th of march, though we will likely go to Bangers & Mash (say hi!), and there's rumors of a house/gallery party Saturday night we'll play if it happens...

But, then we go to Boston, (and ripley returns to NY the next weekend for a gig)

Kid K and Ripley play in Boston Monday, March 20 - at Beat Research's 1-year-anniversary party. (That's Dj C and DJ Flack's weekly in Cambridge MA at The Enormous Room) THAT will be a rockin' party, the the Room also has really tasty mediterranean food so you can come early if you like.

Ripley's also playing a more chill set, solo, at Wayne Marshall 's Thursday night gig "Wicked Wicked", the 24th March, also in Cambridge, MA at The River Gods.

and on March 25, I will come back to New York: DJ C and Stelfox and I will play at the bunker. Don't miss!

I will also have a few copies of my new mix CD let me know if I should hold a copy for you.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

3am London time is like 10pm EST..

This is a killer event, there’s a radio broadcast, where they’ll be playing a new set of mine on Thursday night! And all y’all Londoners and people who can get there cheaply should check it out at Electrowerkz..

Aw, I miss London, if you’re there, don’t miss the Afghan Kitchen at the same tube station (Angel) --go before the show and get the best tasting pumpkin I ever had. Of course I would be a restless records before that, poking through the old ragga section, and probably stroll down Chapel Market where there's another record shop down at the far end.

Some time coming, what if the station became some kind of wayward pirate (in your dreams) just for that one weekend when the station descends into some apocalyptic noisescape, as if all the other stations were being sucked into this black hole of transmission and spat sonically out to the dark streets of London.

Resonance104.4FM proudly presents redZEROradio for 3 nights on 17/18/19th March

All original and exclusive mixes>>>>>>>>>>>
Thursday 17th March

11pm New Brighton record label Wrong Music present a special 2 hours
of Weird arssed no-core with Shitmat, DJ Scotch egg, Mully, The Gross Consumer, DJ Psylage vs Farmer Giles Peterson and ladyscraper.
1am Resistance Festival artists interviews and live sets.
3am DJ Ripley (mashit/Death$ucker)
4am Noize Creator (Suburban Trash Industries)
5am Ronin (Headfuk)
6am DJ Wrongspeed

Friday 18th March

10.30pm Resistance Festival live sets and interviews
12.30pm Hekate DJs
2.30am Adverse Camber will be presenting Kano and Randomoidz, DJ
Spazmo, Kutchi,Scheme Boy and DJ sweeZ
5.30am DJ Broken Yolk (Sick'n'Twisted)

Saturday 19th March

11pm Resistance Festival live sets and interviews
1am Uglyfunk presents Crystal Distortion, Cut Out featuring Uberdog
plus DJ Sigma & Disruptor.
4am DJ Rupture
5am Bong-Ra
6am DJ Slangton

Resonance104.4FM broadcasts in central London and on the web at, each broadcast runs till 7am.
All times subject to change, check web for updates. Please forward this to other interested folk, cheers.

Each evening features various artists tbc from this years Resistance Festival happening at London Electrowerkz 18th / 19th March

Taking part is >
4 pm door open; music and video warm up!
5 pm Usedtobecool
6 pm DJ Broken Yolk
7 pm Jamka
8pm Xabec
9 pm Chrysalide
10 pm Panic DHH
11 pm Oil 10
12 pm Leech Woman
1 am DHC Meinhof
2 am DJ Gassmann
3 am CTRLer
4 am DJ Balli
5 am Mothboy

5 pm Urbanfaiulure
6 pm DJ Peter vs. DJ Franceska
7 pm 1Bomb1Target
8 pm Einleitungszeit
9 pm Dj s Pablo vs Jviera IA (k 405/Belio )
10 pm Shorai
11 pm 2nd Gen
12 pm Hecate
1 am DJ Peter vs. DJ Franceska
2 am DJ Darkside
3 am DJ Piro
4 am Boot-Sector-Viruz
5 am Twinkle
Doors open from 4 pm (4 PM – 6 AM: music and video shows at additional

4 pm door open; music and video warm up!
5 pm Matka & ID: Mora
6 pm Eiterherd
7 pm DJ Nekro
8 pm Acrylik
9 pm Projecto Mirage
10 pm Ambassador 21
11 pm Hyperdriver
12 pm DJ Alex B
1 pm 64 Revolt
2 am Fragment King
3 am Crossbones
4 am Stormtrooper
5 am Nimrod7
Doors open from 4 pm (4 PM – 6 AM: music and video shows at additional room)

Sunday, March 06, 2005


Well, another Choon-Up been and gone.

still extricating myself from a nasty headcold - I rocked the big metal thermos full of breath deep tea+ chai-honey all night. Elixir, I tell you.

Megatron was impressive - a Grime Dj, hiphop-battle style. Fast cutting, scratching, hectic vocals chopped together, all the classics and the biggies. Unfortunately, it brought the battle-vibe, a bit - just a circle of heads, nodding at the decks from the edges of the room. It was a bit heady for me, (and "head"-y) although if there had been a big crowd who knew the tunes and responded physically to them, acting excited and pushing up to the decks, I might have felt differently about that.

Reminded me that I play dance music. "ripley wants everyone to dance" it says in my bio. I work hard to layer ideas, code messages, spray references.. but I want the messages felt physically. I trust the body a bit more than the brain. If the body hears, then the brain will work it out. Or the body works it out on its own.

I tried a half-jungle, half grime set, which worked out for me, except I need to find a more fun transition between the two. I can't keep using Barrier Break despite all its' ravey goodness. well, maybe one more time. heh. My ambition was to work in these two tunes from CD - a fantastic Andrews Sisters track called "Bounce me, Brother, with a solid four" which is all about that crazy new four-on-the-floor beat - and is at jungle tempo, and one of my favorite chicago house tracks, the Cajmere remix of U got me up, which, sped up, hits the 2step speed. problem was the CD mixer was new to me, and it was right underneath the monitor speaker, which wasn't really a monitor, but one of the rooms speakers, and fucking LOUD. O my ears. and O what's happening in the headphones? Well, it was a fun idea, and it was pretty empty too, except for a few friendly, faithful (and always dancing! how great is that) heads, who I think got what I was going for.

Speaking of people NOT getting what I'm going for. At the end of my jungle set as I was playing a track that was 1 year old, preceded by a breakcore track that was 2 months old, which was preceded by a doo-wop track from the fucking 1940s, a guy came up to me and said "can you play some new stuff?"

I would guess that this was a DnB head, as there;s a strain (mainstream I guess) in Dnb that is fixated on newness and a particular sound that means "new" to them. As Kid K pointed out, this question usually means "can you play something I know." When it doesn't, it usually means "if I hear a Jamaican vocal, I think it's old, even if NOTHING ELSE about the track uses production styles of 1995." And it's that mentality that "new" is automatically good. (add in "exclusive" under that as well if you like.) Like those reviews of mixes I've seen in some DnB magazines that say "this mix is all dubplates!!" with no information about the actual sounds, or whether the tunes are any good. It's another criterion that has nothing to do with the sound of the music.. (Actually I've been thinking how the fetishization of dubplates has influenced production styles.. for the worse.. but that's another rant.)

So, no. if an old tune is better than a new one, I won't be playing the new one. If a tune is new but in a style you don't recognize, or one that samples a ragga vocal, it's a) still new, and b) it's a GOOD tune first, or I wouldn't be playing it. OK? OK.

not sure about the new space. It's a cool bar, in itself. But it's set up for people to hang out around the bar downstairs, and only the very motivated make it up to the dancefloor. And the sound is bad, because of two-story ceilings.. a big wash.. and no sub makes it even more echoey. Attendance was pretty skimpy as well, I think the Financial district location means no walk-ins.

Except for random people from the swankity-swank Palace Hotel, the one where [xxPresident McKinley was shotxx] no, almost as good, where Warren Harding died. [heh thanks, a!], across the street. We did have one tuxedo'd and gowned couple from a wedding there who came in, carrying, inexplicably, a big photograph in a frame. And then later some P*ris hiltony gals, skinny, oceans of glossy makeup, sequins and cleavage, came tripping in, sniffed at the FIVE DOLLAR cover, and left. byeeee. Seriously, if they stayed and got down to the music, I would have loved them for the cheese factor if nothing else. But balking at five dollars, when you're staying at the Palace? whatever.

Anyway much of that set will be recreated and polished and tweaked for a mix coming out on redzeroradio in mid-March, so keep your ears posted for that. check back here for more info.

And Kid K and I will play a more downtempo set in Oakland near Lake Merritt next Saturday, at a very nice lounge/bar: Lucky Lounge on Grand Avenue. More on that later.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Choon Up!! new location - San Francisco this saturday

Kid Kameleon is on at 9, I'm on at midnight, Megatron is on at 1am.. I will have a few CDs to sell, as well!

SATURDAY, March 5, 2005

Get Low Presents:

A New Ragga Event. Covering the whole gamut of Ragga influenced music:
Dancehall, Dub, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Broken Beat, 2-Step, Jungle & Grime, The
Choon Up is the place to feel the sublow sound.

Featuring a Rugged Grime Set From:


With Rotating Residents:
JAMIN (dubliminal/get low/safe sf)
KID KAMELEON (shockout/mashit/soundlab)
RIPLEY (death$ucker/mashit/havocsound)
AJB (free flo fridays)

Saturday, March. 5
$5, Free B4 10pm, 21/Over

House of Shields
39 New Montgomery at Market