Saturday, March 19, 2005

aw, blush - first CD review!

A really nice review from Boomkat on the Death$ucker mix.

check it:

"F*ck me, if this was anymore breathless they could feature it on Grandstand! DJ Ripley's 38 track monster mix CD gatecrashes the party with a Black and Decker in one hand a bag of Ketamine in the other, ploughing through a set which ram raids Breakcore, Hip-Hop, and Dancehall lobbing in fistfuls of soul, jungle and dub for good measure. Understanding the need for contrast, Ripley sends the modem rupturing breakcore of I-Sound careering headfirst into the honey-drenched soul of some Derek Harriot's aural silk before bringing it back up to the boil through a set of Mystikal sampling experimental breaks from an anonymous beat monger. Further in, the grand beat platters of Donna Summer's guitar drenched 'Jungle Is Driving Me Crazy' is sent spinning as it hits the Neptunes' produced Baby featuring Clipse before it all goes low-end, rumbling drum and bass with Gang Related & Mask's 'Biters'. Elsewhere, everyone from Kid606 and The Puppetmastaz through to Shitmat and Bounty Killer make an appearance on this gleefully irreverent mix that chucks in plenty of curve balls to keep you on your toes."

hee. heh. wow. speechless, really. nice one, thanks a million, boomkitties!


  1. Hey ripley, thanks for the comment on the blog! I've just realised that I forgot to ask if it was ok to use that photo! (i should know better!). Who should I credit it to? Also, is it ok to link some of ur mixes on to the site?

  2. Hey, no problem.

    I don't mind about the picture. I think Kid Kameleon took it.

    And linking should be fine, bandwidth-wise. There's an alternate link for the Havocsound mix, as well as the one on my site:

    haven't checked it recently but it should be fine..

  3. hello, your're on the warpmart recommends front page too with some nice words too.
    digital mystikz and bizzy b are recommedations of the week too.

  4. wow, good company, huh?

    thanks for the headsup. nice one.