Monday, March 28, 2005

NY gigs warm my heart.

Well. Many thanks to many people.

Big big big ups to DJ Spinoza and the Bunker crew at Subtonic! It was a great party, friday night, with DJ C, and Stelfox also threw down some soulful and slammin dancehall early on, warming up the room and drawing folks in. DJ C rocked the laptop, I went up for a minute afterwards, and then CX Kidtronik showed up all latenight stylee and wrecked the decks as we wandered home.

And thanks to all the lovely peeps who showed up - dj data, criterion, doily, dj north guinea hills, Mad EP, Mathhead, several of the street medic massive, familiar faces from NYC shows in the past (activists, musicians, and dancydancedancers), the angel, the cat, spitandducttape peeps, Bassbot massive, JT from Dub Trio for dropping off a 7inch, the blissblogger, Geeta of the original soundtrack.. many other folks I was happy to see.

it was a lovely, dancing hollering crowd. After 2 gigs earlier in the week where there wasn't much space or vibe for dancing, I was so excited and happy to be in front of a real dancefloor that I mixed even faster than usual and ran out of my set early. Which meant I played some b-sides and accompanying tracks and rediscovered that the Enduser EP has no bad tracks on it, that Pressups can lay down classic-sounding upbeat ragga jungle tunes till there's no tomorrow, that people still run up to find out about the Puppet Mastaz, and that I had mislaid an entire stack of 7inches including the bee snares 7" (wah!) and the Kashmir riddim (waaaah!). Even so, it was a blast. Such a pleasure to play for people who seem to love the tunes as much as I do.

it was a pretty rough week, for family reasons. But in my Boston area time, I did get to take a night out on Monday for Beat Research, and on Thursday for Wicked Wicked thursdays at the River Gods. I'm so lucky to know and be able to work with so many brilliant and super-nice people. Rumor has it DJ C may be branching out to some other gigs in the Cambridge area, and more sounds and events in the works from various heads.

And at the last minute I got to drop by broklyn beats house and buy a stack of records.. new shipment from toolbox, check it out online!

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