Thursday, March 31, 2005

Ripley in SF Saturday

Last minute confirmation..

IN-OUT-THROUGH: The French Connection
/*/* "un beau bas mortel de techno" /*/*

The first lil' party at the new 5lowershop satelite space in SF!

this Saturday night, 9:00 PM, April 2nd.

s/Miles Per-Form/ances by:

- IOT Soundsystem.
- Amandroid.
- Solstingr.
- Ripley.
- Second ambient room hosted by FAK LABS featuring heartworm,
skewerley, aviatrix,
666 gangstaz, spirel, plus more.

Slides by Alysha, visuals by VJ Kevlar.

$5 sliding

OK folks, the dilemma begins. Kid Kameleon represents with Subtek,
Mike B and more at the Choon-Up, house of shields..

... but Ripley's been lured away to play a new space in SF run by 5lowershop affilates.. new mini-warehouselike vibe.. never been there, should be fun!

for those who will do both, or coming on the ripley side of things: note the phone number below - call that for location on the day of. Somewhere in SF...

I will post here when I know the exact set time I will play.

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