Wednesday, March 09, 2005

ripley mini-tour!

I've got 3 gigs - a mini-tour..

Kid K and I didn't find any gigs in NY on the 18-19th of march, though we will likely go to Bangers & Mash (say hi!), and there's rumors of a house/gallery party Saturday night we'll play if it happens...

But, then we go to Boston, (and ripley returns to NY the next weekend for a gig)

Kid K and Ripley play in Boston Monday, March 20 - at Beat Research's 1-year-anniversary party. (That's Dj C and DJ Flack's weekly in Cambridge MA at The Enormous Room) THAT will be a rockin' party, the the Room also has really tasty mediterranean food so you can come early if you like.

Ripley's also playing a more chill set, solo, at Wayne Marshall 's Thursday night gig "Wicked Wicked", the 24th March, also in Cambridge, MA at The River Gods.

and on March 25, I will come back to New York: DJ C and Stelfox and I will play at the bunker. Don't miss!

I will also have a few copies of my new mix CD let me know if I should hold a copy for you.

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