Thursday, March 17, 2005

ripley on RedZeroRadio thursnight!!

Posted below full information on the mad mad mad festival of noise that I wish I could be physically present for, in London starting tonight.. I've sent them a mix I made for the first night of the radio broadcast. It's broadcasting on the net too, of course. 3am London time, which is nice and early (10ish?) for you East Coast North Americans, and maybe a late-afternoon jammy for the West Coast North Americans (didn't want to forget the canadian massive).

So tune in! I think it will be archived here as well.

Below the pretty picture is the track list, for the curious.

1. Death Row - Special K, Paul FM, Steve & Mich (Tearin' Vinyl)
2. 100+/suxxxess - Society Suckers (Kool Pop)
3. Stylee - SoundMurderer & SK-1 (Rewind!)
4. Djs get uncomfortable – Knifehandchop (+internet vector) (Tigerbeat06)
5. Popey – Kazam.X (
6. Cookers – Camp Lo (Stimulated/Loud Records)
7. Back 2 Skool – Nocturne (Audio Couture)
8. “Rave is Back” – LXC (Phantomnoise Records)
9. The Lion Sleeps (ghost330 mix) – 45 Thieves (Conquest Records)
10. Genie in a Bottle – Bit Meddler (mu)
11. Interlude for Grandpa – Mutamassik (Sound Ink)
12. white label- old ragga jump-up
13. Trio Inferno – Sickboy (Junk)
14. Bounce me – Andrews Sisters
15. Baby 9mm – Parasite (Peace Off)
16. Antibreak 2 – Trouble Clef (
17. The Bird Song – Dj Marsta (Fatale Attraction)
18. U Got Me Up (Cajmere remix) – DaJae
19. Braaa!! (Request the Text) – Shades of Grey Brick Cellie Remix, General Degree (Southern Cuba Records)
20. Eye of the Eastwood – DJ Eastwood (Black Majik)
21. Nu Styling feat. DJ Collage – Stereotyp v. Al Haca (Klein)
22. Inner Heart (Sublow Remix) _ DJ Dreddy (Sublow FM)
23. Caned Pees – Hawerchuck (Planet Mu)
24. Pim Pong – Kema Kaur (Adaadat)
25. The Knowledge – Toasty (Hot Flush)
26. Poor Health Bad Constitution –Repeater (Peace Off)
27. Bad Boys and Police – Kirk Davis and Lion Heart (Youngblood)


  1. love your set, been listening it on repeat for a while and still hesitating, am i gonna go to sleep or, give it another go...


  2. glad you like it! where are you located?

    email me if you like: djripley (at) gmail dot com