Friday, April 29, 2005

Let them sing it for you!

I guess it's a few years old, but hey, new to me. I missed in 2003 when it made the rounds on boingboing and whatnot. Anyway it's still fun. backstory: Apparently it was created by a sound artist named Erik B√ľnger for the Swedish National Radio.

it's got a limited vocabulary (no "weasel" for example)

but the Let Them Sing It For You project lets you type in your own words, and then searches a database of words sampled from popular songs of each word, and then sings it back to you. If it doesn't know the word, it asks you to provide a sample.

best of all, it's got a function where you can email your new song to someone!


( Probably if it was done in the US someone would have sued him. In NY at least. sigh..)

1 comment:

  1. I have used the contraption and it is utterly amusing and fun. Great for practically anyone young or old.
    I hope in the future they can even spin addendums to it and make it even more interactive.
    Take Care, and great observation piece,
    Brian Maloney
    relationship advice guy