Sunday, April 24, 2005

quick notes and a gig or 2

whew. So it's finals time, which means I'll be scarce on the non-academic world for the next couple of weeks. Before I go:

1) I posted a link (permanently on the left) to my mix for the redzeroradio show as part of the Resistance festival in London last March.
They are kindly hosting all the shows as an archive - check'em'all out, many good thunderous unpredictable sounds. I particularly liked Noize Creator's use of Cyndi Lauper in the set following mine. Discerning ears will note my mix resembles the set I did a few days before at the Choon-up. Yeah, things were hectic, I was working it out.. I threw a few extra fillips in for the radio show though.

2) I'll be going to Europe, via London in May/June! Still looking for a London gig may 24-28th, and a Berlin gig on the 29th-1st. 2 gigs confirmed in Halle and Leipzig, I'll post full info here soon.

Re: berlin-- baze_djunkiii and I are looking for a show together, but no joy yet. Anyone with ideas for that, or for London for me, see the dates in the previous paragraph and spread the word!

3) I somehow ended up with a couple gigs in the middle of finals time. NO planning on my part. Anyway:

this Tuesday playing at Lit with Forest Green and Kid Kameleon as part of their regular weekly, HuggerMugger
(note the site is not at all up-to-date, but the directions are there). Yes, it's a techno night. I may do a special set of 120bpm sounds for some of my time, but it won't be techno, basically. And I got a stack of new records while in NY last month that I'm itchin to try out, including some Sonic Belligeranza.

And next Saturday I'm playing at Magic Milkcrates, courtesey of ffflood (who is hald of transdub massiv - watch out that link crashes firefox, although the site is pretty). It's a lounge, music tends to be in the background, I tend to play dub, glitchy hiphop, spooky beats, and a bit of jungle and dubby dnb. Come out, sit on couches drink some ridiculously candy-like drink called a "crushed velvet" that the bartenders made me the first time I played there - they liked what I was playing...You know you're doing okay when the bartenders like it, because they are forced to listen to an awful lot of music, captive-audiences par excellence.
That's at Kingman's Lucky Lounge, 3332 Grand Avenue Oakland, CA 94610 cross street: near Elwood.

Come out and say hi, I will be in final-paper shellshock, but happy to see smiling faces.

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