Saturday, April 16, 2005

who owns your history?

So.. adding to the list of songs that are copyrighted and usually quite expensive to get the rights to:

Happy Birthday (owned by Summy-Birchard Music/AOL Time Warner) (this is one of the ones that has prevented EYes on the PRize from being shown) and

"There’s a pivotal scene in Hoop Dreams," recalled Peter Gilbert, “where it's Arthur's 18th birthday and his mother said, 'Isn't it wonderful that he made it to 18?' and they sing 'Happy Birthday.' 'Happy Birthday' costs. They’re brutal about it. You’re not going to get a deal on 'Happy Birthday.' It cost $15,000 to $20,000 for just one verse of "Happy Birthday."
quoted from the Center for Social Media
(and I'm sure countless other documentaries or movies where someone has a birthday. christ, the song is so commonly sung it's like they own a copyright on the public performance of a birthday!)

God Bless America (owned by Irving Berlin's Estate), not that I care, much, but a blow to anyone who wants to get patriotic like that

(Possibly) this Land is Your Land (if Ludlow music could make a good argument in a future case, since they settled with jibjab. But actually the eff says not)

and now....


THE INTERNATIONALE , a hymn to communism and throwing off the chains of private properrty

which you can download and play here, although I favor the Billy Bragg version myself.

okay, it's copyrighted in France, but maybe not here. Although with the Naxos case, who knows, maybe the interpretation of NY Common Law to apply to tunes written before NY State HAD a *@#$%* supreme court, also applies to tunes written a hundred years before, in another country! who knew!

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