Friday, May 13, 2005

for the pro-p2p producers

For all y'all that are more interested in getting your music spread as far as possible
(or your dj mixes, or your pictures, videos, whatever).. 53x11 have made a sticker you can put on your work (on the cd case or whatnot) to counteract the Federal Anti-Priacy sticker..


At the site, there are nnumerous version, black and white and color, in various resolutions, so you can print out your own.

the concept of fair use is being defined out of the p2p discussion, yet again. Remember all files on p2p networks aren't copyrighted, and all uses of copyrighted work without being paid are not illegal - people were always allowed to use it for educational purposes, for example. But if the law makes all p2p de facto illegal, or builds technical controls in to the files or the software, who will make sure those exceptions remain?

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