Monday, May 02, 2005

I'm a african, and I know what's happenin

The mighty Junichi of poplicks reports:
"I love Ludacris, but I'm a bit embarrassed over the fact that he is the first American rapper to shoot a video in Africa for his new song -- wait for it -- Pimping All Over The World. I understand 'pimping' has multiple meanings, but to my ears, it sounds like Ludacris -- whose latest album is The Red Light District -- is promoting the enslavement of women for men's sexual pleasure to a continent that the US already shackled a few centuries ago. Ludacris says, "I wanted the video to be a true African experience." Indeed."

I have not much to add.

Except that the newspaper today reported on teh rise of popularity of Grills among Grills. I mean Girls. Teen girls in the East Bay. I'm not exactly shocked - even I was speculatively eyeing DropTheLime's tasteful and understated bling when last I saw him. But the line that caught me in the article was about a girl preparing to go prom, with a hand-embroidered dress, a grill, and a Pimp Cup. Oh, I'm so glad the girls can get our own Pimp Cups. It's like equality at last.

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