Tuesday, May 10, 2005

ripley in Europe

So, along with school madness (100 pages due in 4 days! plus a statistics exam! blechhh!)

there's been a little tour brewing. I'm still looking for gigs in Berlin, so feel free to get in touch - djripley at gmail is the contact address or leave me a comment here.

The schedule so far:

Arrive in Berlin May 28th in the morning, no gigs yet in Berlin (hook me up!)
Leaving Berlin May 31.

Brussels - June 1 at FOtones:
Beursschouwburg, rue Ortsstraat 20-28 - 1000 Brussels - Belgium
22:00, Free entrance.
Xingu Hill: literary sound performance (CAN/B - Ant-Zen, Hymen, Mirex,
Nova Zembla)
Urawa: cinematographic frequency extremes (B - Foton, Falling Elevators,
Nova Zembla)
The Joint between Ultraphonist: psychedelic subbass obsession (B - Vacuum,
Imminent: power electronics pioneer (B - Ant-Zen, Hymen)
Foton Wreckords Crew - Lowdjo / Vanno / Antz: scapes, breaks & core a gogo
(B - Foton)
DJ Ripley: female junglecore tactics (USA - Death$ucker Records)
[ƒoam]: transient realities in visual atmospheres and soft architecture
... stumbling upon a tangle of knots in a hyperdimensional tornado - (B,
AUS, HR, LT, etc+ - )


Halle - June 3 at the Electric-Renaissance Festival
Am Markt, Halle
ripley plays with
-ButterknifeKrüsh / USA/KOR - "Ottone Re di Germania"
- Funkstörung / D
- VJ-Herr Vogel /

Leipzig - June 4
At Keller Antik, With Society Suckers (Lux Nigra Mental Ind. Karl-Marx-Stadt), and VJ MFO. 2nd floor with reggae & dub by Royal Records Sound.
See the online flyer at: www.protocut.net/coreknaben

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