Thursday, June 02, 2005


Well the first two shows were pretty damn great. WAF salon felt like family - people I knew kept turning up. I started out warming up, just listening to my new dancehalll - then I looked up and there was an actual audience, so I think, oh, yeah; I better like DO something.

There are these tunes I`m really feeling right now, on is at about 125 bpm; one is at about 190 and one is at 100.. this is forcing me to contstruct my sets a bit different, to have a good flow and still fit in the sounds I want to fit in. It`s mostly quite a fun challenge..

There is a funny story in London of my quest to get new records. I think I told it twice in Berlin, but it already came back to me from a person I didn`t know; and then a funny post on a german weblog.. also a nice comment from the same person?

Thanks peeps for all your good words, it does mean a lot to me even if I don`t always know how to respond right away.

i feel like what I am trying to do is coming across more clearly these days, or more poetic and articulate people are commenting on it.

And Belgium.. Brussells.. wooooah... yes, about a hundred people still dancing at 2 on a wednesday; hell, around 50 still going at 5 when I tried to leave. The gig was part of a real art show, with some performances I`ll describe later.. I`m posting in the flat I came back to to pack up and turn around and go straight to the airport. I didn`t want to do this twice.. but later I`ll tell the silly story of how it happened.

Big up Droon and Sickboy and Mike Floyd (Transdub Massive) and Fotons and FoaM and Peace Off peeps and everyone else who rocked out! (I`ll make all that linked later)


  1. it sux i can't move to Berlin and see u :( -- it's quite far from south france ,,, hope u will tour again in europe (and why not Toulouse !)-- have u recorded ur sets from these parties ?? big up !!

  2. Yes, scrupeda is me, too;-) I was one of the people dancing to your warm-up...Small person with pink/red and black hair, you told us (me & classless) the story of your new records when we were about to leave.

  3. And just some minutes before that "Society Suckers" Christian had already told me about it. Offline can be pretty public, too...

  4. it sucks we can't all move to berlin

    thanks for the comment btw- yeah that lily brik pic is awesome!