Friday, July 22, 2005


I was tagged by Wayne a while back. I never do memes. But this one is music-related, and hey, at least Wayne wants to know..

total volume of music files on my computer:

10.81 GB in my itunes. Honestly, I haven't been listening to much of it these days. It's true. however if I had an mp3 player, I would totally set it on random and start soaking in all of it, and weeding out a lot, probably. Soon come.

last CD I bought was: ummmmm. I haven't bought a CD in a long time. I really can't remember. I usually trade, get sent them, download or listen to vinyl. The CDs I listen to are the most are mix CDs from friends.

song playing right now: embarassingly, In The Pub. Before that, it was "When the world was our friend" by Gold Chains and Sue Cie.

five songs I listen to a lot these days:
I was poking around with versions of Wozzeck for a while, and Dimmu Borgir, and Astor Piazzolla.. but not all of them listened to a lot, I guess. Combined with latest excursions into commercial radio (partly courtesy of joe's recommendations) the list looks like this:

1. Astor Piazolla "Cafe 1930"
2. Krumble "Gazoline Serious Blast"
3. Trina feat. Li'l Wayne "Don't Trip"
4. Phillis Dillon "Perfidia"
5. The Ying Yang Twins "The whisper song" - various more and less censored versions.

Piazolla is who I've been listening to most often of the digitally stored music I have access to. That and CDs in the car - David Last, mixes from Aaron Spectre, Dj C, Kid Kameleon, Subtek, ERS1 (wheel up!), Gutterbreaks, and lots of other clever beasties..


  1. thanks for memeing, yo. sorry to be a chain-mail sucka. i usually don't do these things either, but it gave me a chance to big up some faves, so that's cool. good to see yers.

  2. So, I have to ask... did you grow up in Arlington. And go to the "Friends" school?

  3. well, "Anonymous" , that depends how anonymous I want to be, right? :)

    hee, yes and yes. who are you? djripey at gmail dot com is my email address

    did you go to CFS? I was just talking about the children's operas there the other day, and wondering if they still did them..

  4. Sue C (Gold Chains) has a great new collaborative DVD/CD out w/ AGF