Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Thank you LA, Suburban Theory, Darkmatter, 5lowershop

LA was a blast. Stayed in downtown in a big ol' house with a crew of great peeps (walked in on an absolutely stellar pot-luck), chilled with relatives in Santa Monica, escaped to Venice.. and played a really fun show with a lot of good folk.

AUDIO CRASH: there were so many San Franciscans/Oaklanders that we felt quite at home.. big up 5lowershop and assorted/affiliated humantypes. At least 20 of them came down in the veggie bus. Filthmilk represent! and the 5lowershop distro set up tempting vinyl treats (like all the Sonic Belligeranza records except the one I played later with FFF's tango-breakcore madness).

Not huge attendance, but everyone seemed quite smiley. I took the opportunity to throw down one of my harder and wackier sets - most of it at 100(200)-105 bpm. Plenty of The Bug, Rotator, Krumble, DJ C/Wayneandwax (big up the A It Dat remix!).. as well as some newer Mashit ragga from new head Murderbot (some nice jumpup and classic ragga references) and more ragga courtesy of 45 Thieves.. I've been playing the A-side for a while, but the B-side is much weirder and mixes nicely with Fabolous.

so yeah started with Aphasic and Moabit/Seeed, headed through ragga, into breakcore and ragga and laced it all through with a west coast G-funk kind of thing. I realized I nearly played 4 different songs with Nate Dogg in'em although I switched to instrumentals of a few. Near the end was one of the J*Star mashups - "This is how we do it" over Madness' version of Swan Lake. Surprisingly good, actually, though half those records fall more on the gimmick side. I'm also feeling the version of "Tequila" that I have on a Death$ucker white label, and the Rotator remix of Dj/Rupture.

Kid K was, for once, harder and maybe a touch less accessible than I was! It was a great set though - some awesome Hellfish & Producer, lots of mp3 exclusives..

the rest of the night was pretty good - Megabitch threw down some Death Chant tracks, and lots of other good stuff. Bass Binnie Laden hit up some killer hard sounds, Baseck got up for a minute after Kid K and scratched and cutup like the fiend he is and transformed into Sonic Deathrabbit and pulled out some more stops..

Also an interesting early set from Violent Fingers - from San Diego, live violin and midi-controller-glove thingy.. kinda dark and dreamy I especially liked it when she got dubbier-glitchier as opposed to gothick (though that's just me)..

And right before my set was a fun due called Lowtech - although they sported pretty up-to-date laptops, I guess the keyboard was kinda old. Still no sticks and stones music here - it was punky-poppy-breakcorey fun. Seemed like with some more gigs under their belt they'd be a jolly live act.

There was more, especially from the 5lowershop crew but I forget - I think some pure noise got played by someone called Semtex? a nice range of stuff to round out the evening. Big up the one like the Rtype, although I think we had to split before he was through..

Overall a great time, and eager to come back to LA.


  1. does 5lowershop have anything to do with 5tyleshop? i ask b/c i used to live in st louis, which is where 5tyleshop collective was located. but i fell out of touch with those people, such that it's not outside realm of possibility that they moved to california. otherwise, one or the other is kinda sorta ripping off the other's name and spelling!!! though i suppose ripley may have a contrary view on whether this constitutes stealing?

  2. Sleeping on the 5loorFri Jul 08, 02:39:00 PM EDT

    I think that's a bit of a stretch ... perhaps they should both pay the family of 2pac a tythe for the number in name concept.

    who was/is 5styleshop?

  3. 5tyleshop were based in st louis, and they did art installations at raves and also dj'd stuff in an aphex twin/kraftwerk vein. they also made their own music, but not sure if they ever got pressed to vinyl. most of the members had formerly been affiliated with superstars of love, the leading rave collective in the st louis area. not sure what happened to 5tyleshop -- for all i know, they may still be in existence. think there may have been 5 members of 5tyleshop, which would explain the spelling. (i was fairly friendly with several of them, which is why they came to mind when i saw your mention of 5lowershop.) anyway i was merely joking about the "theft" of the spelling/concept

  4. See, this is awesome. More and more I've been thinking about the various organizations throughout the country that were throwing great events, space relevant and artistically engaging parties that were part of the fabric of america in the 90s. Things like Toneburst in Boston and Soundlab in NYC. AS229 in Providence sort of. Organizations of cool people that were influenced by electronic music, but it wasn't just quite a straight rave... See, I kind of missed it, in the sense that I didn't get involved with Soundlab till 2000, but I'm just sure that there were people all over the country that were doing cool stuff along the same lines that I'm artistically influenced by. America's so freekin' huge and there so much dissused space, I've got this intense curiosity of how people used it throughout the mid-ninties as electronic music entered some of our conciousness's. So that it wasn't just, I'm into this music but I'll never here it unless I go to London. Stuff happening in St Louis or Portland or Austin or Denver or Minniapolis or wheverer.

    Then I guess the thing to do is take that excitement and push it forward today and figure out how to do it again.