Sunday, July 17, 2005

watch the technique

ha ha hee hee

I'l post a report from the gig (thanks all you lovely peeps who came out early! if it goes regular we can do it again and I'll get to play later.)

but this is just a really really funny thing. Really funny commentary on a hitherto-understudied grime+rap performance technique. also dry british wit at its finest (Kid K assures me all this language is from the noble sport of cricket)


  1. Thanks for the link!
    Not sure about the cricket thing.
    Nadmai, who wrote it, says:
    "I didn't realise any cricketing link, although cricket certainly becomes more interesting to me if they have stuff like 'gunpoints' and mini rolls. Perhaps theres some kind of spin off into spam handed umpires gesturing."
    Maybe Kid K has inadvertently inspired the next in the series?

  2. NO problem

    um, it's not that cricketers make hand throws...

    it's that the language used to critique it sounds a lot like the way sports announcers critique cricket batting technique.

    I was thinking of ice-skating (not that ice-skaters make hand-throws, but of the language of ice-skating commentators about technique) but from the little cricket I've seen I'd go along with him. I've never found a more obsessive discussion of minutae (especially physical things like hand angle) in my life.. it's almost as funny as the hand-throws critique!

  3. Fair enough. Having never willingly watched cricket, for fear of wasting precious life*, I can't dismiss that. However, as nadmai said, it was unintentional, maybe he (or we brits generally) just analyses everything like that all the time?

    * To paraphrase Armando Ianucci, "it shouldn't be possible for something to be 'so bad, it's good.' It's just a waste of your life when you could be experiencing something that actually is good."