Monday, August 22, 2005

brutality in the US (+new links!)

No time for a serious update, I'm afraid. But I can't let this pass without more publicity.

A completely legal rave in Utah was brutally broken up by, apparently the Utah National Guard, in full camo gear (with guns and, from what I've seen, chemical weapons on them), in helicopters, using teargas, tasering, beatings and attack dogs. Tasers, already kind of a questionably "safe" crowd control weapon, used on people who might be on drugs that affect heart rate? Oh that's murderous. And attack dogs? possibly the lowest thing ever, to manipulate animals so that they attack people, and always, ALWAYS a sign that they consider the crowds less than human themselves. this is disgusting.

It's in the same pattern as the Czechtek event (see below). Actually, this one was even more legitimate by legal standards (if not as venerable a tradition). What is going on?

So far there are only a few images online - some photos and a video
and here is a list where people are posting accounts of their experiences.


big up Canton for making a webpage about it here
hopefully updates can continue there as well

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  1. Hi all,

    I've re-compressed the video as a smaller mpg and hosted it on my own site, along with contact information for utah decision makers in case anyone else wants to make a stink.

    My feeling is that if the Utah County Sheriff's Office knows that the World Is Watching, they (and other rural law enforcement jurisdictions) won't try to pull this sort of backwoods heavy-handed crap.