Thursday, August 25, 2005


okay, something slightly more cheerful in the news.

AAAHHNOLD booed to his face by Rolling Stones Fans, and publicly mocked by Mick Jagger at the concert in Boston.

From CalNurses via the RockRapconfidential listserv

There was "No Sympathy" for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger" Sunday night as he sought to turn a Rolling Stones concert in Boston into a fundraiser only to be picketed by registered nurses from California, Illinois and Massachusetts outside the stadium and loudly booed by thousands of rock fans when introduced inside.

Inside sitting nearly alone in his private box, Schwarzenegger must have been looking for Wild Horses to drag him away. Hundreds of fans held up the CNA signs. When Stones lead singer Mick Jagger welcomed the governor, he was lustily booed, and even Jagger mocked Schwarzenegger noting "As a matter of fact, he was seen out in front of Fenway Park tonight raising funds by scalping tickets and tee-shirts."

yer going down, you corrupt sexist asshole!

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