Thursday, August 11, 2005

print words

There's a new music mag around, with a lot of good peeps involved. New England centered, as far as creation goes, but scope is worldwide, musically. And they were kind enough to invite me to write a semi-regular column, which is working out to every other month this summer, but maybe I'll be more on the ball come fall (when my workload goes down a bit).

I've got one in the July issue, and hopefully one in the September issue. You'll recognize the themes from this blog, if you've been reading here.. but I do try to add somenew analysis, tighten up the writing and do some research as well.

the magazine is called SONIC HEART and you can order it or check out selections here


  1. so which contributions are yours?

    i.e., i looked at the site and could not tell

  2. as far as I can tell, the July issue is not online. (yet?) I only have the one piece in it, under the ripley name. And another one hopefully coming out in Sept.

    but you can order the July issue from the website, if you want :)

  3. I'm a MOJO man, myself.