Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Report from CZ

There's a lot more video and photo footage, as well as reports, at this site: http://en.policejnistat.cz/

including this testimony which may have the story of the guy who was killed by being hit by a car, that has been variously reported as a "normal car accident" or other stuff.

Below is a report from my friend Aleche Trash, who throws amazing free breakcore parties in Praha and elsewhere, and is a really brilliant guy. He's pretty close with the whole Czechtek scene, and his words confirms what I thought might be a bit of rumor-mongering on indymedia (I love indymedia but it can be a rumor mill). It does seem to have been pretty awfully brutal.

Later, I'll post some really interesting political analysis he wrote to me. Seems like the aftermath of this could be make it an interesting time in Czech politics...

"A lot of friends of mine and people around were really fucking badly injured by police. i don t want to make it bigger that it is but that s simple true. that was a massacre, a war game. during the nite police they were catching people in the wood, they beat them with batons there and some of them they put in the police cars and beat them inside much more harder. many many of them. and you know what.. no matter woman or man. they beat everybody.. no mercy. and for what?
for a party which was on legal place. for example.. the cops also stolen bottles of hard alcohol from the sound system bars and as my friend heard and saw the leader of the police action there said "take some stuff and be hard". after he said "good job, boys"..

"the problem that lot of stuff will be unwritten and unspoken, there several personal stories, really rude and cruel like putting the gas bombs in the cars while people were inside after the cops broke the windows..

"now seems a bit of political gamming here because right wing opposition criticize the assault as well as the president and ex-president Vaclav Havel. but the question is what will happen and how the assault will be when opposition ODS will be rule the country now. so to believe the opositional politicians and they words which play our notes is an reactionary act.

"the assault was long time planned with minister of security and our prime minister Paroubek. so this assault has a political motiviation, it s not just about to stop "illegal" party which was in fact legal (what the owner of the area confirmed again!).

"today also showed up (in massmedia) that the police of CR systematically lied about everything from the begining. important point. also what is important is that all protests against brutal police assault until this moment were without any violent act from the public and demonstrators.

"media are mostly on our side and in fact there are really some votes, also many of them coming from the public that the assault was incorrect and as the president said it is a sign that something really bad is going here.

"these accidents made lot of people realised that we living in a police state.

"After IMF/WB protest what was an international protest the CzechTek 2005 was the biggest riot from 1989. and seems interesting to see how much it can possibly follow the protests before 1989.

"yesterday [last week, I think] after the demonstration there were several "illegal" parties in the streets. the first one in front of ministry of security, than it continued behind the ministry and later on there was a quite big free party near the stadion on Strahov..

by A-Trash/PRG"

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