Monday, October 03, 2005

party went well

the EFF part was good fun. Not dancey, but people seemed to appreciate the music.

Good things:
1. Met some really nice people who are fighting the good fight (go tor!)
2. Some of those people are friends of people I knew in Boston 15 years ago when I worked at Cafe Liberty and Pearl Art.
3. free food, free cake, free EFF merch.
4. sold 3 CDs, got some tips
5. my pirate dj shirt, with a print of crossed bones, headphones and gold cassette tapes, was a hit

Annoying things
1. still haven't really gotten the hang of the cd mixer/player we have borrowed
2. had more than one person assume I was helping my boyfriend the dj set up. News for those who haven't had to think about this (i.e. many males in the music scene) - this is still extremely common for female djs, for me it happens at least once anywhere I am not more well known than my partner.


  1. Oh yes! I'm not a professional dj, but anyway, when I'm djing at a party there are always some boys that don't believe I own my equipment, that the records I'm playing are my own etc.

    The worst yet were some guys that didn't believe I was able to use a CD-Player and told me I should tell them what I want to be played, and they would decide to put that record on or not.

    But they had to admit they didn't even know most of my records...

  2. Ugh... I was (and still am) quite sick... caught some virus from fellow SIMS peeps. I hope people danced and that you guys got to meet more cool people. Ugh.

  3. Poor Joe. Feel better soon.

    Yeah, chicks, djing, guys, whuh ... it's kind of stunning how far sexism hasn't come... as in, it's still around ... And the concept of "well, we'll have a ladies night, that way the girls can really get together and strut their stuff/show what their made of" is just lame. I'm all for collectives like sistersf, that's cool, sistahs doing it for themselves style, but many if not most "Girls DJ nights" are put on by guys and are usually framed within their own minds of "No, I'm really trying to help out! Really!". Just lame.

  4. Oh don't get me started on "girl dj nights"

    except I must mention that even when guy promoters do us the enormous favor of setting up the girl dj ghetto for one night, usually (really, I mean almost reliably) they can't even bear to have no dicks at the decks for that one night and come up with the un-brilliant "and a guy dj (or all the resident guy djs) in drag!" idea.