Monday, October 31, 2005



the new style of subwoofer. amazing. Gizmodo sez:

"Normal subwoofers pulsate a concave paper cone while also compressing air inside of a box and pushing it out through a small opening. The metal fans create an enormous cone of air essentially turning your room into the subwoofer box. This is capable of getting frequencies down to the 1Hz range, this is the same range you may associate with jet engines and nuclear explosions."

man, the Valve system was already making people vomit. This shit could melt you?

in a related note, the Meat Beat Manifesto / Havocsound/5lowershop/SPAZ party on saturday night was great, but I confess the earplugs a friend handed me (the way in bygone days smaller things might be palmed) were well appreciated.

Other bullet points from the weekend:
  • how happy am I that Havocsound are in the Bay Area? I have been missing promoters/music people/sound systems who are in themselves a pleasure to work with. Not about the money, but really good solid reliable people, down for all kinds of outsider noise, and sweet as pie to boot. Might start getting involved in throwing events again with these kitties around.
  • At the big ol' warehouse costume party, I was a pirate. I'm pretty proud of my costume, and of the fact that I handed out CDs of d*wnl*aded music. heh. mashups and remixes mostly.
  • we had pie. from the best bakery in Oakland (for treats anyway): bake sale betty
  • And on Friday, hit up Grime City for the one like the Joe Nice. He played an absolutely devastating set - all aspects of the dubstep sound, from wobbly bounce, to ominous clangs and swoops, to minimal squeaks and thuds. But the high point was definitely the shackleton remix of "Limb by Limb." OH NO! you wouldn't think I could stand to hear another version of that choon but damn it was heavy. Big up Ripple (the cat people always confuse me with when they see me on the flyer) from subscience for providing extra bass (nobody's got the $29,000 to drop on the little beastie up top for the basslines yet).

Monday, October 17, 2005

Ripley + DJ C in NY 10/21

New Yorkers represent!
I'm playing at Bunker with DJ C - it's gonna be ridiculous! I got all kinds of crazy records, gonnna throw down beats from 95-220 bpm and it's going to be all about the DANCING.

I've been building up a selection of baltimore club music/breaks, some other booty bidness, mixing it with sounds from near and far. Also going to be bringing the breakcore with some unexpected mixins. and of course the raggae will be represented as well.

So come out on Friday--- 107 Norfolk, subTonic to catch me and DJ C (debuting the Boston Bounce sound).

Friday, October 14, 2005


You should know, East Bay-ers, that the Bay Bridge will be closed from 1am-6am eastbound both friday and saturday night. However, the BART will be running 24 hours to make up for it (hooray for subway parties! full info here

So don't forget, Friday night is Al Haca sound system, also Dhamaal crew, yours truly the one like the ripley and also Kid Kameleon and many more
at the DNA Lounge in SOMA.

and Saturday night is deepest darkest mayhem with Vex'd (I am SO psyched) and Plasticman (the London one).. courtesy of Subscience crew, also lots of breakcore and dark breaks and ragga junglists banging around. Come in superhero or supervillain costume and stay till the bridge opens!
This one's at 1598 Custer a cool warehouse space

(go down to my 9/20 entry for the full lineup, flyers etc on these)

Monday, October 03, 2005

party went well

the EFF part was good fun. Not dancey, but people seemed to appreciate the music.

Good things:
1. Met some really nice people who are fighting the good fight (go tor!)
2. Some of those people are friends of people I knew in Boston 15 years ago when I worked at Cafe Liberty and Pearl Art.
3. free food, free cake, free EFF merch.
4. sold 3 CDs, got some tips
5. my pirate dj shirt, with a print of crossed bones, headphones and gold cassette tapes, was a hit

Annoying things
1. still haven't really gotten the hang of the cd mixer/player we have borrowed
2. had more than one person assume I was helping my boyfriend the dj set up. News for those who haven't had to think about this (i.e. many males in the music scene) - this is still extremely common for female djs, for me it happens at least once anywhere I am not more well known than my partner.