Monday, January 09, 2006

some good sounds out there

Chapel Hill - big up our lovely hosts One Duran and Yugen. A little underground bar where we all puttered around the decks laying down various sounds and had some gooood conversation. It was good to get to know some more peeps in the NC area, I hope to get more familiar in the future - it's nice down there!

New Year's in Somerville (truly the Paris of New England) was a seriously good time - thanks to all the peeps who came out for it, to all the riddim methodists and associated lovelies for making it happen and to VDA and our main mann Todd for the space.
Some pics from that night up soon on the abovelinked riddim method. I played the first set to nobody but us and my parents (who loved it, because they're cool like that), lots of arabic samples, high tone dub, glitched out beats and dancehall and some throb and jump-up at the end (in the more sinuous vein - you'll take Hype+Zinc's "blue flowers" remix and R-IQ's "everyday" from my cold-dead hands!), and then got the plum set at midnight! sweet.

Beat Research at the Enormous Room was also a good time, if a bit less raucous audience-wize. Man, the food there is good, try the salmon skewers and the huge bowl of tasty olives. Flack and C threw down, Kid K tore it up, and I did my usual bangbouncing whatnots. If it's any good by light of day I'll post it.

This trip, the real pleasure was connecting with all the riddim methodists in person - such a great group of musical minds, and we will be doing a collaborative musical thingy coming soon. Probably the farthest from my ragga roots of anything thus far, but definitely an eclectic and bouncy experience. Further updates on that as events warrant.

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