Wednesday, February 08, 2006

of substance

I keep waiting and waiting for something Of Substance to post about. But really I'm juggling so much stuff that it's rare I can pull it together with proper conviction.

Things on the table right now:
  • A gig, courtesy of the lovely peeps who threw our LA show, in Baja, Mexico. Some big crew fom San Diego runs the main spaces, but we run tings in the experimental/chillout room, with a crew of nice kids, up in the mountains somewhere with a hot spring. um? word.
  • A presentation at the International Association of Popular Music's US branch annual conference, in Murfreesboro TN. Title? Listening to law, getting law to listen: music practice and legality. This is part of my hope that academics and music fans (which I am assuming are both represented at the conference) can be involved in building new vocabularies around music use - breaking down the consumer/producer framework, which is something that helps people interpret and enforce laws and certain kinds of rights, but that doesn't necessarily relate to how people engage with music. I'm especially interested in how people claim rights over music use - are there other ways than insisting on rights based in being either a consumer or producer?
  • Possible gig in Nashville? cross your fingers..
  • Research on fans and fandom - can we look at music fans as creative contributors, and fandom as a productve activity? What does that get us?
    Mmmaybe some challenges to the current legal system which basically looks at fans as consumers, or even worse (for those of thus critical of the "freedom of contract" model of law which assumes everyone is free to negotiate their terms and courts will limit unconscionable contracts sensibly), individual contractors with record labels for limited rights over music recording.
  • Listening to Dubstep, bemoaning the lack of access to the records, and the difficulty of building a properly eclectic set when you are on the broke side. But excited about several levels of music these days
    • Dubstep generally, particularly Skream, Boxcutter, Digital Mystikz, Kode9, Appleblim
    • the Ladybug label looking very promising
    • Forthcoming Math-head release
    • Forthcoming Jason Forrest tour
    • Drop the Lime, this weekend at the Hemlock (SF). Woo! I love this guy's music, and his artwork (he did all the artwork for my death$ucker cd), and he's generally awesome, and hopefully we can go out to brunch in the sunshine and wander the pretty city (a major distinction from when I lived in NY - natural beauty all over the frickin place).. ah I know it's not very hardcore of me, with all the brunch talk, but hey, gingerbread pancakes with poached pears. Hardcore as f*ck.
    • Right, music. this was list of music, not my favorite breakfast foods.
    • Which, incidentally, would inlude bagels and lox except that that's the one thing you simply can't get a decent version of in the bay area. Dammit.
    • Food-related, kids-tv-show-related, and just plane wtf-related samples in Baltimore club music. I have to say, get me to bmore because I want to see a clubful of people getting down to the Spongebob song. Plus it's fun to play
    • El Kano's mixes, from the Adverse Camber crew. More musical kin.
    • On the sunnier side of sound: Framix, Amadou & Mariam.
  • Extending and updating my work on the development of the Jamaican music industry in the virtual absence of copyright law (absent both in terms of popular use of the ideas inherent in (c) and in terms of enforcement).
  • Organizing a lecture series on the boundaries of property rules in different fields and what happens when people question them or when they get introduced. Thinking: forestry vs. biotech, music vs. land use, etc.. Structures for interdisciplinary conversation are always a challenge. Negotiating the vagaries of intra-academy fundraising is another..
  • Working on a podcast and a new mix, but waiting for some crucial records to include. sigh.
  • coordinating the issues involved in moving to live in Berlin for most of the summer, doing preliminary/exploratory research, djing, and contining my job (research on privacy and surveillance issues in public spaces). Housing, gigs, a tour here or there, gigs in the UK, gigs everywhere in europe, trying to go south too..
I need a bigger table


  1. "Organizing a lecture series on the boundaries of property rules in different fields and what happens when people question them or when they get introduced."

    That sounds fucking interesting!

    I just wrote two lengthy articles in german about how music, technology and copyright developed in the past, erm, 300 years or so - how copyright and intellectual property concepts where developed after the spread of the printing press, and how those concepts always were hard to adjust to music... But I'm still trying to get a grasp on it all. And I'm trying to translate most if it into English, because it is hard to even find somebody in Germany to talk about this stuff (although I feel a little dumb writing in English, because the words don't follow my wll as they do in German...)

    If you're interested, I've started a new blog for the translation (it will take some time until I have it all done, but..): play in progress