Friday, March 31, 2006

gigs this weekend - reppin my peeps on both coasts

OK people

I can't make ANY of these gigs (dammit) so you all have to go for me. One in NY, one is Cali, and one in Boston..

In NYC TONIGHT - Friday March 31
DJ Olive (the Agriculture NYC) live pa David Last(the Agriculture, Goosehound NYC) live pa
I love love love David Last (truly beautiful music, good for kissing to), and Olive is pretty amazing as well. This show will be great.

blurb from Spinoza:
"The Agriculture founder DJ Olive is one of our heroes, someone who we give our deepest respect to. Olive is just as comfortable improvising on stage with people like Luc Ferrari and John Zorn as he is rocking all night dance parties with sweat dripping from the ceiling. He has been touring the world for years, making brief stops in Brookyln from time to time, so we were lucky to snag him for this gig. His live sets consist of deep dubby breaks and backyard jeep beats. Olive recently released "Heaps As", his 2nd solo album for The Agriculture. Tonight, he is playing a very special 2.5 hour set starting on the early side, so don't show up too late.

Agriculture newcomer David Last has already caused major waves in the electronic music community with his debut release on the Agriculture, which sounds kinda like Mouse on Mars inna Jamaican dancehall. He is currently playing in a live dub band and working on organic minimal techno tracks and remixes for Goosehound, Microcosm, Stuabgold, and Unfoundsound. Recent live techno sets at the BAP warehouse party (opening for John Tejada), the Bunker (big Monolake party in August), and the Goosehound/Wolf+Lamb label launch loft party have all been very impressive."

resident DJs: Spinoza, Movement, Unjust
visual residents: Giles Hendrix, Chris Jordan

OR for the Californians among you:
this promises to be truly nuts. I am SO SORRY to miss this one! Baseck is the sickest dj I know - scratching hiphop and breakcore and whatever else. And Sonic Death Rabbit - deathmetal breakcore team. Eustachian is nuts live, Mochi does what he does.. and the Schirach himself straight outta florida. Augh it's killing me I can't check this.

oTTo von scHiRacH - BasecK - Sonic DEATH rabbiT -EustachiaN - Mochipet + 5lowershop Kru doin' IT to ya...

$7 dough-nation

call: 415-972-2823 for coordinates

And Lastly, for the BOstonians (I leave Saturday afternoon and thus can't make it to)

JASON FORREST AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaa!!!!!!111!!eleventy!!!!1!

OK I know, peeps, it's at m-f-in' Bill's Bar. But seriously, he is so much fun, and the music is so good. The show should be a blast. Don't miss it. Plus y'all gotta go and thus improve the audience at Bill's which will otherwise probably not get it so much. Man is too funny, though.

Blurb for the party is here:
Jason Forrest (Cock Rock Disco / Sonig Records)
Certified Bananas (New Eng's best DJ party crew)
Food For Animals (D.C. glitch-hop)

"Everyone deserves a second chance. On Saturday April 1st 2006, Honeypump invites you to attend a night of getting-over-it. Invite those who have done you wrong in the past. Invite those who make you too nervous to speak. Invite people you have fought, yelled at, and swore to never see again. Invite people who dont get out often. Bookworms. Invite people who would love each other, if only they took the time to get in the same room for a night. Invite bike-punx and republicans. Invite the Weekly Dig and the Boston Phoenix. Luddites and Singularitarians. Invite a Yankees fan..well, maybe a Mets fan. Invite Bonnie Prince
Billy and Alec Empire. Invite Times New Roman and Comic Sans. Invite Bill Gates and Richard Stallman, Johnny Cupcakes and Urban Outfitters. Invite Gilbero Gil and Cary Sherman, Larry Levan and Suffocation. Invite Whitehouse. Invite Peter, Paul, Mary, and Coil. This night is going to be awesome.

Jason Forrest is playing! See you there!

$1.00 of each ticket will be donated to Second Gallery, Boston's newest alternative arts gallery!

At Bill's Bar, Landsdowne Street, Boston MA. 18+, 9PM, $10.00 (see donation above)

lest you forget his wonder: check the video here(he also has it in ipod format! plus other vids available on his site here

Sunday, March 26, 2006

new lost city = new love city

Many thanks to all the folks who came out to New Lost City: Revival last night. Complacent Nation managed to keep going their insane-party-every-weekend rhythm without missing a beat.

Costumes were lovely (I was in a child's angel/choir costume with wings painted on the back, pulled down over a victorian petticoat with my skully Vans representin' for california), angels and devils and saints and sinners abounded. Shout out to the adorable mohawked dancing boy, the cat in her Gunne Sax and wings, the angel and her candy dress, and all the assorted raggedy slicksters. A couple pictures below - I'll search for more on flickr soon..

Jason Blackkat and W Complacent and the lovely Rhiannon were grounded voices of sanity and goodwill throughout the night. Djs and live bands threw down all kinds of sounds.

The only dark spot was that because the first DJ was late, everyone else got pushed back. In my world, if you are late, then it's only YOUR set that gets cut, why do the rest of us have to pay all night? (unless you are the guest or flying in from croatia or whatnot). Anyway that pushed me from prime spot of 1am to 2:15.. but I used all my frustration for energy - determined to tear up the dancefloor, I'll admit that I had folks screaming and stomping, including a sizeable crew of extremely non-warehouse non-breakcore fans, going nuts to Electromeca, Patric Catani and Deathchant sounds by the end of the night.. When you start shit off with bmore-sampling-"the rhumba king" you really set the tone for ridonkulousness. Anyway it was one of the most fun sets I've had in a while. I was especially pleased to work in a lot of Bay Area beats and vocals, which are at a good tempo (and sound quality) to cut through breakcore.. "Nump" (I got graaaaaaapes) and "Tell me when to" caused some howls of disbelief and excitement when following infrabass hardcore and 0=0. Good good fun.

here's me schoolin the crowd

so tonight (Sunday) at Bembe is a much much chiller set with DJesse Mann and the Dub Nomads. the tentative lineup is below although we are taking it easy so it's open to change:

Jesse Mann - opening ]
Dub Nomads (the full band) - set 1 - 10:30ish
Ripley - 11:15ish
Dub Nomads set 2 - 12am
Ripley - 12:45ish

come out and say hi! I picked up some nice tunes at Jammyland to add to my basket of treats..

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

ripley pon the East Coast 3/23 - 4/1!

yes yes.. coming back east to visit friends and play some gigs. I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of these events and connected to all these brilliant peeps. One gig on Saturday, and another on Sunday. full info on gigs always available on my myspace page

Check it: Saturday the 25th, are outdoing themselves, every weekend. Keep taking your vitamins, 'cos it's not over yet!

New Lost City : Revival : Saturday March 25th
A night of spiritual hedonism.

7pm to 7am
@ 69 West 14th St.
on the corner of 6th Ave., Manhattan

In this era of empty truth, epic violence, and empire run amok, we bring this night of hedonistic cleansing for your salacious soul. For one night in Manhattan, join devils and divas, Reverends and revolutionaries, and hysterical heretics at the altar of beats, dance
and irrational exuberance.

This is how we save ourselves.

Starting *live* in the room above:
With the infamous Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping at 8:30pm with gospel songs and stories from the recent nationwide tour converting consumers throughout middle America. Then the grime gospel impresario Reverend Vince and the Love Choir shake your soul to a degree that must be heard to be believed, you will dance and yell Hallelujah and love it. Later, God is My Copilot rounds it out with a special show of new music mixing dance beats with their classic outsider rock sound.

At midnight the music turns to breaks, bass and intelligent techno with Wolf + Lamb (, Spinoza, DJ Ripley (from Oakland), Jason BK (Blackkat) and more creating a pilgrimage of dance through sunrise.

In the room below:
Winkel Presents: The harem for lost souls, a cozy lounge featuring music from around the planet with hookas by Balk Tick and Hooka Mike, special elixer bar and video projections. Plus roving performances of the lost vs. saved curated by Akim Funk with costumes by C-Spot Designs.This Saturday, bare your soul...

For you Angels: come dressed in your own manifestation of purity, of delicacy, of the deviant angel and the yang over yin. For this you will be rewarded with free drinks of our Angel juice, vanilla gelato mixed with vanilla vodka or Irish cream.

For the Devils, come dressed in your own manifestation of the dark and the scandalous, the fallen angel with no interest in return. For this you are rewarded with our own special elixir of fire.

And yes, there is more... Full details will be released at the end of the week.

Only $9 with a ticket bought at:
Or $15 with an RSVP from
$20 at the door for the stragglers.
Plus roving performances of the lost vs. saved curated by Akim Funk with costumes by C-Spot Designs.

This Saturday, bare your soul...

For you Angels: come dressed in your own manifestation of purity, of delicacy, of the deviant angel and the yang over yin. For this you will be rewarded with free drinks of our Angel juice, vanilla gelato mixed with vanilla vodka or Irish cream.

For the Devils, come dressed in your own manifestation of the dark and the scandalous, the fallen angel with no interest in return. For this you are rewarded with our own special elixir of fire.

And yes, there is more... Full details will be released at the end of the week.

Only $9 with a ticket bought at:
Or $15 with an RSVP from
$20 at the door for the stragglers.


Sunday night, a nice respite, something chiller, a bit more with the dubstyle

On the 26th I'm happy to bring out the dub side of my records in NY for the first time in a long while - residents Guy and Jesse at No Selector are hosting their weekly at Bembe on Sunday night, I will be on the decks inna dubstyle, as will Djessemann and as well, members of Dub Nomads will lay down the live tunes. It's nice venue, good people, lay your Sunday to rest (recuperate from Saturday) at Bembe, corner of South 6th and Berry, Williamsburg. Look for the blue light!

I'll be delighted to see anyone's friendly face, and afterwards I go on to Boston for family, friends and a night at the legendary Beat Research with NY local hero (and ex-bostonian) Morgan Packard!

Monday, March 20, 2006

distros= love

(cross-posted at Riddim Method)

So, it’s often the way with services – they are valued as far as the individual and the product goes – I get my product = I like them. But music distributors can be so much more.

It was always interesting to me, in all the D.I.Y. (music) scenes I was involved with in the late 80s and early 90s, how distributors were so essential, but sort of hidden in the workings of the scene. Of course, part of DIY was making transparent all of those workings, opening them up to more participation, so you got to participate and see how everyone did it, how they were treated, who was worth working with, etc.

Distributors are often thought of as services --product providers first and foremost. This true, and this is one way distros are important for fans and for the people making the 'product.'

But really distros build a lot of the social networks and languages that are essential to any ‘scene’ (group of people self-identified with some kind of cultural/creative focus and product involved, that’s the best I can do at this point). Distributors are so important to creativity, to connection, to creating scenes, bringing in new eyes and ears.

In mainstream music distro used to be where most of the money went, but usually conceived of as a prize you grant the most reliable producers. In non-mainstream scenes a lot of love and hard work and no money go into the distro work, and social networks come out.

To come to the present day, and in honor of the past 10 years I gotta shout out Toolbox records, as a distro that is essential to the survival of so much of the music I love. Along with being a repository for breakcore and extreme noise, Toolbox also casts its nets wide for interesting sounds and stories from across the globe. My bootleg “Oriental Vibes” album that I got 4 years ago and still play out regularly? 6 tunes, no information, rai-ish dance stuff with some great beats and accordion/strings? From Toolbox. First Peace Off purchase? From Toolbox. Sonic Belligeranza, those delightful Italian wackos? Found them first at Toolbox.

Distributors are supporters of music users on all sides. For artists who sell their tunes, the good distros can make it happen. For people who sell their skills, or just want to make connections with the music, the distros support us too: I showed up in Paris with 25 mix CDRs that I had burned and decorated myself, and they opened up their stockroom (my jaw hit the floor): “we’ll take the mixes, take what you like.” Then Christophe sifted through stacks of records and handed me a pile of stuff he thought I’d like, of which he was right. And of course when you’re searching for stuff, or curious about new sounds, distros are a library in the best sense – you look at things on the shelf or the list next to what you like and bingo, new sounds. Or you ask them, because they know it all, that's why it's there.

Back about 11 years ago, I started out searching online, was my repository for breakcore or speedcore or whatever we called it (terrorbreaks? Maybe just Hardcore? noise? industrial?). Toolbox came up soon after, but I didn’t really get up in it until I linked up with Broklyn Beats (the label and distro who spread these sounds in the US especially) who bought from Toolbox as well as elsewhere and kept showing me the greatest stuff I’d never have known about.

Big up Broklyn Beats as a distributor, and an incredible record label as well, but having lived with those cats, I can say their influence on me and their importance to me and my music may go beyond the influence of other distributors for other reasons.

But then again, not necessarily that "other"- when the music scene is small, people become your friends as a part of it - one of the best aspects of the music I still work with is that's true. So distro folk who are on a similar vibe, have some common ground beyond products - we all understand the music to be more than a product or a consumable.

Anyway, somewhere in there I learned about High Tone Sound System, some of the best dub music I know of – whose records I’ve never seen in the US, and until recently had no webpresence at all (situation remedied now, in spades). When I went to Europe for the first time, I got closer to Toolbox, although I think I didn’t get there (in Paris) until the second tour, where I was made so welcome in this musical world. I can’t describe enough the physical space, crammed floor to ceiling with records, cds, posters, boxes, stamps, paperwork.. towers of heavy boxes and slippery tsunamis of discs. The main cat and everyone else perching and climbing like lemurs. And the best was: seeing familiar names, my friends' music, even the most obscure and random kinds, mixed in with new names, intriguing labels, blank spaces and black vinyl.

These folks put so much energy into finding music, and getting it to people, and I know the DIY ones basically don’t make money off it – instead they make music happen, make musical connections. We're all so much richer for it. The support I got from Cristophe Toolbox and Criterion and Doily - incredible musicians but just as incredible sources of distro energy in the US, the support just in information – the names, locations, albums, labels, artists, that’s what makes it possible to really love the music and be a real participant in it.

A couple of the better distros for accessing the stuff I mess with (by no means exhaustive - folks should post more in the comments)
when you look at their selection and their writing you can see the level to which they are aiming inward and outward, they are both within specific tastes and challenging and shaping them, there's all kinds of extra information besides band names and album titles, embedded in the pages

Toolbox, naturally

US Based:
Broklyn Beats (emphasizing quality over quantity, the personality and taste really evident in their selection and comments)

Saturday, March 18, 2006

JD Lasica strikes

A very cute little video about darknets, mashups and big media, courtesy of JD Lasica

funny stuff! share with everyone, spread the word (I think this should be in every highschool student's computer by the end of the month)

came to from a page about the general smackdown served the MPAA rep at South By Southwest.

(Tones, were you there?)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Londoners, Report?

I really, really would like to go to this. But, wrong continent. So any Londoners out there feel like going and reporting back please do.


Mark Pilkington performs at 3pm this Sunday 19 March, at the Camden Arts Center Arkwright Road, London NW3 6DG.

Mark will be demonstrating Circuit Blasting, a new technique for producing random electronic music, developed in collaboration with Disinformation (who will be on holiday). Apparently, "Circuit Blasting" is a new technique of blasting devices with extreme voltages using Victorian style science devices

The performance will be part of the Madame Arkwright's Salons, organised in collaboration with Sally O'Reilly, presented alongside the beautiful work of the early 20th century mystical artist Hilma of Klimt

See a picture here

Saturday, March 11, 2006

sounds keeping me going right now

Thanks to all that came out to the gig with 5lowershoppers and Jason Forrest at UndergroundSF. It was a great show, and I was pretty proud of my set - I'm going to re-do it at home and make a new mix, finally...

I've been pretty destroyed this week, since returning from Mexico on Monday, classes and teaching all week, then the gig Thursday night, home at 3am, then up at 6am to go to an amazing conference at UC Davis Law School on IP and Social Justice. Truly one of the most inspiring academic and activist experiences I've ever had. As someone who has been consciously interested in the social implications of IP law for almost 10 years, this was the first time I was in a room full of people where that was exactly what was going on and I wasn't the only one or one of a few raising either the IP point or the social point. I finally found people in academica who I think get what I'm talking about! (of course I still had to raise some points from an outside field - this time ethnomusicology- but that's part of the fun)
But the music that has been keeping me going this week - besides the party sounds like 8Frozen Modules, E-40 (and generally Drive Time on KMEL, god DAMN Bay Area hiphop is the shit), Electromeca, Hellfish, J-Zone and Dj C - the working studying and taking-a-deep-breath music is all from the other parts of my music collection. Primarily:
  1. Rocksteady and old ska generally. Alton Ellis of course, and also The Gaylads and the Heptones especially. The Paragons, and Strangejah Cole.
  2. Astor Piazzolla. Tango accordion genius, totally amazing, also dig the collaboration with the Kronos Quartet (they appear to have a hand in everything I love, from Hildegard von Bingen to tango)
  3. Dub, especially and always High Tone, Deadbeat and
  4. Gnawa Diffusion
  5. Thelonious Monk. makes me laugh, and also calms me down like Bach, especially his solo stuff, when you can hear him humming just faintly enough that it sounds like something on the piano string buzzing.
  6. David Last
  7. Stuff from African Dope records, particularly Krushed & Sorted and their weird glitched out EP "Cape of Good Dope"

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


This week is crazy hectic. Hecticness comes from having recently returned from playing the "chill space" (you didn't know I did that, maybe?) at this event, at this place. First time in Mexico, and basically it all came out well, met some truly great people, and got to play an afternoon rocksteady set in the desert sunshine, so definitely worthwhile. Anyway because of many unexpected and bumpy developments I got little done last weekend besides djing twice, watching friends dj, cooking camp food, dipping in hot springs/pools, maintaining a steady 4 hours of sleep a night and sucking up a lot more desert dust than I have before, so I have 10 papers to grade, a lesson plan to write, and best of all a set to prepare for my

Thursday show with jason forrest aaaaaaaa!!!!!

this is not to be missed, my Bay Area people. This is the creator of the music for the infamous video I linked to a month or so ago. The best live laptop performer I've ever seen.

big up the 5lowershop for pulling me in on it. full information below - location and suchlike on my myspace page as well - don't yet know the set times..

5lowershop soundsytem proudly welcomes:

*//<<...jason forrest aKa donna summer (cockrockdisco, berlin)
cockrockdisco label head and breakcore trickster jason forrest
(the artist formerly known as donna summer) brings his particular brand of cutup madness to the bay area for an exclusive performance

please check out

AS WELL(!!!!) there will be LIVE and DJ performances from your bay area
freakballs... we've chosen the most deranged of the lot for this event,
especially for YOU(!!!)


>>*heartworm (5lowershop, teen suicide, SF)
...whiskey soaked rent slacking VST punk rock...

>>*aviatrix (5lowershop, faklabs, SF)
...emotionally unstable hardcore beats and soundscapes...

>>*planetsize (slowleak, 5lowershop, SF)
...supersonic stripped neuron shrapnel splinters...

>>*dJ ripley (death$ucker, mashit, Oakland)
...ragga muffin jungle breakcore mashup...

PLUS...5lowershop dJs spinning the silliness between sets...
...cornea warping VISUALS by III...

come one come all...

at the undergroundSF, 424 haight street, san francisco, california
10pm 'til 2am... strictly 21 plus with ID...
5 dollar donation to help out our touring performer...
info at: 415.972.282