Friday, March 31, 2006

gigs this weekend - reppin my peeps on both coasts

OK people

I can't make ANY of these gigs (dammit) so you all have to go for me. One in NY, one is Cali, and one in Boston..

In NYC TONIGHT - Friday March 31
DJ Olive (the Agriculture NYC) live pa David Last(the Agriculture, Goosehound NYC) live pa
I love love love David Last (truly beautiful music, good for kissing to), and Olive is pretty amazing as well. This show will be great.

blurb from Spinoza:
"The Agriculture founder DJ Olive is one of our heroes, someone who we give our deepest respect to. Olive is just as comfortable improvising on stage with people like Luc Ferrari and John Zorn as he is rocking all night dance parties with sweat dripping from the ceiling. He has been touring the world for years, making brief stops in Brookyln from time to time, so we were lucky to snag him for this gig. His live sets consist of deep dubby breaks and backyard jeep beats. Olive recently released "Heaps As", his 2nd solo album for The Agriculture. Tonight, he is playing a very special 2.5 hour set starting on the early side, so don't show up too late.

Agriculture newcomer David Last has already caused major waves in the electronic music community with his debut release on the Agriculture, which sounds kinda like Mouse on Mars inna Jamaican dancehall. He is currently playing in a live dub band and working on organic minimal techno tracks and remixes for Goosehound, Microcosm, Stuabgold, and Unfoundsound. Recent live techno sets at the BAP warehouse party (opening for John Tejada), the Bunker (big Monolake party in August), and the Goosehound/Wolf+Lamb label launch loft party have all been very impressive."

resident DJs: Spinoza, Movement, Unjust
visual residents: Giles Hendrix, Chris Jordan

OR for the Californians among you:
this promises to be truly nuts. I am SO SORRY to miss this one! Baseck is the sickest dj I know - scratching hiphop and breakcore and whatever else. And Sonic Death Rabbit - deathmetal breakcore team. Eustachian is nuts live, Mochi does what he does.. and the Schirach himself straight outta florida. Augh it's killing me I can't check this.

oTTo von scHiRacH - BasecK - Sonic DEATH rabbiT -EustachiaN - Mochipet + 5lowershop Kru doin' IT to ya...

$7 dough-nation

call: 415-972-2823 for coordinates

And Lastly, for the BOstonians (I leave Saturday afternoon and thus can't make it to)

JASON FORREST AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaa!!!!!!111!!eleventy!!!!1!

OK I know, peeps, it's at m-f-in' Bill's Bar. But seriously, he is so much fun, and the music is so good. The show should be a blast. Don't miss it. Plus y'all gotta go and thus improve the audience at Bill's which will otherwise probably not get it so much. Man is too funny, though.

Blurb for the party is here:
Jason Forrest (Cock Rock Disco / Sonig Records)
Certified Bananas (New Eng's best DJ party crew)
Food For Animals (D.C. glitch-hop)

"Everyone deserves a second chance. On Saturday April 1st 2006, Honeypump invites you to attend a night of getting-over-it. Invite those who have done you wrong in the past. Invite those who make you too nervous to speak. Invite people you have fought, yelled at, and swore to never see again. Invite people who dont get out often. Bookworms. Invite people who would love each other, if only they took the time to get in the same room for a night. Invite bike-punx and republicans. Invite the Weekly Dig and the Boston Phoenix. Luddites and Singularitarians. Invite a Yankees fan..well, maybe a Mets fan. Invite Bonnie Prince
Billy and Alec Empire. Invite Times New Roman and Comic Sans. Invite Bill Gates and Richard Stallman, Johnny Cupcakes and Urban Outfitters. Invite Gilbero Gil and Cary Sherman, Larry Levan and Suffocation. Invite Whitehouse. Invite Peter, Paul, Mary, and Coil. This night is going to be awesome.

Jason Forrest is playing! See you there!

$1.00 of each ticket will be donated to Second Gallery, Boston's newest alternative arts gallery!

At Bill's Bar, Landsdowne Street, Boston MA. 18+, 9PM, $10.00 (see donation above)

lest you forget his wonder: check the video here(he also has it in ipod format! plus other vids available on his site here

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