Saturday, March 18, 2006

JD Lasica strikes

A very cute little video about darknets, mashups and big media, courtesy of JD Lasica

funny stuff! share with everyone, spread the word (I think this should be in every highschool student's computer by the end of the month)

came to from a page about the general smackdown served the MPAA rep at South By Southwest.

(Tones, were you there?)


  1. I was at the panel-- and it totally pissed me off!

    The panelists opening remarks raised so many cool and big and ambiguous questions. Heather talked about finding child porn hidden on Flickr, and the Freenet guy talked about working with Chinese dissidents to protect anonymity and route around censorship. Heavy, right? But all the audience Q&A were variations on "Why can't I legally watch The Sopranos more often??", to the point where by the end I felt like the audience was just being petulant and self-congratulatory.

    I am a little annoyed with Lasica for inviting the MPAA woman (and the dumb DMCA guy), since it guaranteed the panel would be a chest-beating exhibitionistic pissing-match, rather than something productive. In contrast, take like Smokler's panel on The Future Of Radio, where the panelists were really well-chosen, so that everyone there got to speak smart and the whole thing was mad engaging and interesting.


  2. Which the radio panel is relevant because it dealt with all the same darknetty issues. Someone should post a recording of it.=T=