Sunday, March 26, 2006

new lost city = new love city

Many thanks to all the folks who came out to New Lost City: Revival last night. Complacent Nation managed to keep going their insane-party-every-weekend rhythm without missing a beat.

Costumes were lovely (I was in a child's angel/choir costume with wings painted on the back, pulled down over a victorian petticoat with my skully Vans representin' for california), angels and devils and saints and sinners abounded. Shout out to the adorable mohawked dancing boy, the cat in her Gunne Sax and wings, the angel and her candy dress, and all the assorted raggedy slicksters. A couple pictures below - I'll search for more on flickr soon..

Jason Blackkat and W Complacent and the lovely Rhiannon were grounded voices of sanity and goodwill throughout the night. Djs and live bands threw down all kinds of sounds.

The only dark spot was that because the first DJ was late, everyone else got pushed back. In my world, if you are late, then it's only YOUR set that gets cut, why do the rest of us have to pay all night? (unless you are the guest or flying in from croatia or whatnot). Anyway that pushed me from prime spot of 1am to 2:15.. but I used all my frustration for energy - determined to tear up the dancefloor, I'll admit that I had folks screaming and stomping, including a sizeable crew of extremely non-warehouse non-breakcore fans, going nuts to Electromeca, Patric Catani and Deathchant sounds by the end of the night.. When you start shit off with bmore-sampling-"the rhumba king" you really set the tone for ridonkulousness. Anyway it was one of the most fun sets I've had in a while. I was especially pleased to work in a lot of Bay Area beats and vocals, which are at a good tempo (and sound quality) to cut through breakcore.. "Nump" (I got graaaaaaapes) and "Tell me when to" caused some howls of disbelief and excitement when following infrabass hardcore and 0=0. Good good fun.

here's me schoolin the crowd

so tonight (Sunday) at Bembe is a much much chiller set with DJesse Mann and the Dub Nomads. the tentative lineup is below although we are taking it easy so it's open to change:

Jesse Mann - opening ]
Dub Nomads (the full band) - set 1 - 10:30ish
Ripley - 11:15ish
Dub Nomads set 2 - 12am
Ripley - 12:45ish

come out and say hi! I picked up some nice tunes at Jammyland to add to my basket of treats..

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