Saturday, March 11, 2006

sounds keeping me going right now

Thanks to all that came out to the gig with 5lowershoppers and Jason Forrest at UndergroundSF. It was a great show, and I was pretty proud of my set - I'm going to re-do it at home and make a new mix, finally...

I've been pretty destroyed this week, since returning from Mexico on Monday, classes and teaching all week, then the gig Thursday night, home at 3am, then up at 6am to go to an amazing conference at UC Davis Law School on IP and Social Justice. Truly one of the most inspiring academic and activist experiences I've ever had. As someone who has been consciously interested in the social implications of IP law for almost 10 years, this was the first time I was in a room full of people where that was exactly what was going on and I wasn't the only one or one of a few raising either the IP point or the social point. I finally found people in academica who I think get what I'm talking about! (of course I still had to raise some points from an outside field - this time ethnomusicology- but that's part of the fun)
But the music that has been keeping me going this week - besides the party sounds like 8Frozen Modules, E-40 (and generally Drive Time on KMEL, god DAMN Bay Area hiphop is the shit), Electromeca, Hellfish, J-Zone and Dj C - the working studying and taking-a-deep-breath music is all from the other parts of my music collection. Primarily:
  1. Rocksteady and old ska generally. Alton Ellis of course, and also The Gaylads and the Heptones especially. The Paragons, and Strangejah Cole.
  2. Astor Piazzolla. Tango accordion genius, totally amazing, also dig the collaboration with the Kronos Quartet (they appear to have a hand in everything I love, from Hildegard von Bingen to tango)
  3. Dub, especially and always High Tone, Deadbeat and
  4. Gnawa Diffusion
  5. Thelonious Monk. makes me laugh, and also calms me down like Bach, especially his solo stuff, when you can hear him humming just faintly enough that it sounds like something on the piano string buzzing.
  6. David Last
  7. Stuff from African Dope records, particularly Krushed & Sorted and their weird glitched out EP "Cape of Good Dope"

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  1. solo monk is one of my old standbys for when i need to focus.

    remind me to send you skip james piano stuff. i think you'll love it.