Tuesday, March 07, 2006


This week is crazy hectic. Hecticness comes from having recently returned from playing the "chill space" (you didn't know I did that, maybe?) at this event, at this place. First time in Mexico, and basically it all came out well, met some truly great people, and got to play an afternoon rocksteady set in the desert sunshine, so definitely worthwhile. Anyway because of many unexpected and bumpy developments I got little done last weekend besides djing twice, watching friends dj, cooking camp food, dipping in hot springs/pools, maintaining a steady 4 hours of sleep a night and sucking up a lot more desert dust than I have before, so I have 10 papers to grade, a lesson plan to write, and best of all a set to prepare for my

Thursday show with jason forrest aaaaaaaa!!!!!

this is not to be missed, my Bay Area people. This is the creator of the music for the infamous video I linked to a month or so ago. The best live laptop performer I've ever seen.

big up the 5lowershop for pulling me in on it. full information below - location and suchlike on my myspace page as well - don't yet know the set times..

5lowershop soundsytem proudly welcomes:

*//<<...jason forrest aKa donna summer (cockrockdisco, berlin)
cockrockdisco label head and breakcore trickster jason forrest
(the artist formerly known as donna summer) brings his particular brand of cutup madness to the bay area for an exclusive performance

please check out http://cockrockdisco.com/DS-bio/bio-main.html

AS WELL(!!!!) there will be LIVE and DJ performances from your bay area
freakballs... we've chosen the most deranged of the lot for this event,
especially for YOU(!!!)


>>*heartworm (5lowershop, teen suicide, SF)
...whiskey soaked rent slacking VST punk rock...

>>*aviatrix (5lowershop, faklabs, SF)
...emotionally unstable hardcore beats and soundscapes...

>>*planetsize (slowleak, 5lowershop, SF)
...supersonic stripped neuron shrapnel splinters...

>>*dJ ripley (death$ucker, mashit, Oakland)
...ragga muffin jungle breakcore mashup...

PLUS...5lowershop dJs spinning the silliness between sets...
...cornea warping VISUALS by III...

come one come all...

at the undergroundSF, 424 haight street, san francisco, california
10pm 'til 2am... strictly 21 plus with ID...
5 dollar donation to help out our touring performer...
info at: http://www.5lowershop.org 415.972.282

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