Tuesday, April 04, 2006

big choooooons

so me and my gang of ass-shaking academics (of which you can congratulate Kid K as the latest entree into grad school!) just did a group mix - all six of us, mashing together some great tunes from all over the freakin place.

We did it as part of the esteemed Lemon-Red Mix Series, taking our place among the pantheon of terribly terribly good artists like Certified Banannas (big up their gig with Jason Forrest last weekend, which I heard was amazing), Dj Ayres (of the Rub), /rupture, and many many others.

So cheers to Chris Lemon-Red, of the well-respected site lemon-red.org.
erm. I wonder what the hiphop heads will make of it. I wonder what YOU will make of it!

it's pretty fun, there are lots of amusing tracks and suchlike. I bet those of you who know my steez can guess which section is mine. But it's way more cheerful and at a new tempo for me.. It sounds like the Method crew's musical conversation though.

check it out here