Saturday, June 24, 2006

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Greets to all visitors from Berlin. it is indeed the center of World Cup madness, which I find equal parts interesting and boring.

but today was the best. We are in Kreuzberg, the turkish neighborhood which is also a bit of a gay mecca and a punk neighborhood. Walking around before heading to see dj /rupture at one party and then go to see Plaid and modeselektor and Sencha (one of our leipzig hosts) at a different party. Getting hungry so went to our new favorite halloumi joint on adalbert strasse, where the coffee making guy looks like the dude from Anthrax - bald, goateed, jovial.

Anyway on the way there we hang out for a while at a huge street festival with several stages, all of it against the world cup (and capitalism, and god/religion). There was a drag show on one stage, a dj on another and a samba drumming crew on another. the streets were totally closed down and the police aree hanging back. I think they may not dare to shut it down because this area is historically the site of the great May Day riots and there are enough people who are not afraid of them that it's easier for them to stay outside. The crowd here is multiracial as well and amusingly decorated. there are several glorious drag queens in 18th century gowns as well as the more disco variety. lots of punks and travellers and happy dancing people.

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  1. You accidentally got into one of the berlin versions of christopher street day...