Sunday, June 11, 2006

quick note from Hamburg

I posted on the riddim method a report from the first days in Berlin. Just settling in, so no gigs until Saturday night in Hamburg, when we played the Rote Flora, a benefit for a free radio station that I've been lucky enough to play on 2 or 3 times on trips to Europe over the years.

The gig was great! Everything here is weird because of the W*rld C*p, and we were a bit concerned because the venue is across the street from a huge row of bars with tables on the street, lots of potentially rowdy and unsympathetic people could wander in to the hulking mass of rooms across the way. But also it was a very warm night, in which people don't always want to come inside, here in Europe where bars all have tables outside so people can enjoy the street life. While I think this probably did reduce the turnout some, it was quite respectable, and people danced and cheered, and kid k and I each had quite a few compliments, singly and together. Some of the nicer things I heard were people who remembered me from the radio shows, from other gigs I have played in past years, or from my mixes. It's good to feel like all the energy I put into this does not dissipate, but is in fact taken in by other people, and they remember it and remember me.

Kid K of course rocked the party too. We each had 1 hour sets (starting 1:15ish) and then we tag teamed until 5:30 or so. He played a dubstep set that blew people's minds! It was clearly weirding out some o the crowd, but an equal number were very very into it, so it was a choice, I think, to follow through with the sound that seems pretty new in Germany. Pretty new most places outside of London.

One of the nicer moments was when Istari Lasterfahrer showed up. Great producer, great label.. and later on kid k played his tune: "To mi Battyman Massive" that cuts up dancehall vocalists to big up the battyboys and battyman all over the world! at last, a pro-battyboy dancehall/jungle tune.

Anyway. I have seen the Rote Flora every year I have come to Hamburg, a huge squatted ex-theater, maybe the last squat or last big squat in the city, covered with graffitti, especially antifascist antiracist stuff. I always wanted to play here, and at last it happened. Especially as there is increased reporting of racist violence in Germany (as eyes turn here for the footie madness), I was pleased to be at least aligned with folks who speak out against racism and organize about it. There were a smattering of African and black German folks around, plus some cats from Cuba and South America and elsewhere. Dunno if this represents a more cosmopolitan Hamburg or just the w*rldc*p overflow but it made for a nice changed from the usual dnb parties.

The cats who booked us were really nice, treated us very well, and worked very hard, so no complaints and a big cheer to the Hamburg people out there who made the night so much fun.

we will post pictures to riddim method soon.

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  1. sven from fsk radioSat Aug 05, 11:09:00 AM EDT

    hey ripley and kid kameleon. we finally uploaded the recording of your live set at the rote flora for our radio to a public web server. sorry that it took so long but there was a lot of time to spend for the move to the new studio. anyway, the set is very very cool, especially the mixture of various styles which is rarely seen these days :). we already played it at the radio and a lot of people like it very much! so, if you like to download the mpegzz, send me an email so that i can give you the web address. my email address is olodumare[at] let us know when you guys are around here the next time. maybe we can arrange a program at the radio. u are always welcome!

    peace, sven from fsk radio.