Friday, July 28, 2006

quick shout from cakovec

Taking advantage of free wifi in our hotel quickly turns into all night tappity after our nice gigs. I'll report on Croatia gigs later at the Riddim Method site - with pictures!

but I have been remiss in my Intellectual Property discussions. I'll let mr. Tim Rutherford, whom I met with a whole lovely crew of peeps in London our last night there, fill us in on some latest developments. We should be staying on top of this. The aftereffects of legal changes are more serious when they target infranstructure, because infrastructure dictates choice, to some extent, especially choice for the majority of people, and choice for people with less power, specifically. So when certain interests (like the currently powerful and wealthy copyright owners) use law to regulate technology and software and how it can be developed..people may not know what they are missing.

(Like if our VCRs had been made without record buttons, back in the day. Well, some were, I guess, but you take my point)? Anyway how would I have shown my friends the late great Max Headroom TV show, all 13 episodes, never syndicated or sold officially.. but I taped'em all, because I knew greatness when I saw it, and now more people know about it. One day, they may clamor for it to be released again, because they learned about it from the few of us who recorded it and reshowed it.

Maybe this is what happened with Eyes On The Prize? you remember the discussion, the fury and the hand-wringing? Well I would ilke to know the full story, but for whatever reason PBS will apparently be releasing it on DVD (unconfirmed, from academic gossip), as well as rebroadcasting the first two espisodes. DO NOT MISS THEM, TV-OWNERS. The greatest documentary on the civil rights movement to date (I'm happy to be informed of more). I am curious as to whether they obtained all the rights to all the music, especially, which I imagine was the most expensive re-licensing holdup.

The episodes will be re-broadcast on "The American Experience" during the first 3 weeks in October (check local listings). It will air in blocks of 2-hours/night.

I really wonder what the effect was, of the massive discussion and numerous unauthorized viewings that downhillbattle generated with their "Eyes on the Screen" campaign. I'm in the camp that says they increased interest in the works, reminded people of their importance to our collective knowledge and history. It's possible that Blackside used this interest to generate financial backing, or an argument could be made that our society and culture needs works like these, or these works themselves, and thus the claims of the orginal rights owners should be overruled. I think the first and less radical is more likely, but I'm hoping the second argument still gets an airing: at what point are we allowed to overrule or transcend private property rules?

Monday, July 24, 2006

Austria mark 3

We first hit up Vienna with DJ C to play to the Flex Club, then Kid K and I returned last weekend to play on Friday to WUK with our peeps the Transdub Massive.. Hot as hell in there, as well as outside-- It was a gigantic space, pretty cavernous and echoey with not many bodies to soak up the sound. Transdub filled it with bass and their guest lyricist laid down some sweet lines initially, before kinda slipping off the mark to try and hype up the little crowd by encouraging ladies to come up and grind with him... It was generally positive I guess, but not normally how I like it to swing. meh, I guess is my main point on that one. But, however, the music still swelled and shivered nicely, digging floyd's melodica especially. All shoudl check out their new album, available in stores now. And book them all over the world!

Along with various friends who did show up, we had some interesting special guests on the dancefloor. One of the Transdubbers is linked somehow with the man like the Sean Paul, and it was rumored he might show. In the middle of my set I did notice the dancefloor liven up, and also seem noticably blacker than Vienna had hitherto revealed itself to be. I didn't put 2 and 2 together, though, and instead our lovely host Christian of Al Haca Sound System let me know later that Sean Paul and his peeps had been cuttin' it up on the dancefloor. This means he was dancing to Jah Coozi/Modeselektor, Cardopusher, Tittsworth, Tamil pop, Moabit remixing of Sean Paul (apropos, that one), DJ C and other extremely weird stuff. Nice one!

I'm available to open for you, Mr. Paul, at the stadium of your choice.. or for private parties.. so long as I can play what I like.

And as exciting, basically, although a bit more close to home, the master thereminist Pamelia Kurstin also showed up and we had a lovely time. She pointed out that she can play the classic dubstep wobble sounds on a theremin, so now I put it to you, dubstep massive - who's got it together enough to set up a live show with someone on the deep beats and Ms. Kurstin on theremin, and of course Warrior Queen on vocals? Who's gonna step up? Kode9? Blackdown? Digital Mystikz? I leave it to y'all..

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

greets to all visitors

This site has been a little quiet, I know. More updates from the tour at the riddim method site, try here

Many folks have recorded our sets. The best one going up soon is from the awesome Kick Up The Riddim Party in london, at the Rhythm Factory. Our fantastic hosts ResonanceFM, Adverse Camber and Torment threw an awesome party, the crowd was mad, and it all went down quite well. Check the adverse camber site for the latest on that. I will post a link here as well.

Next up will probably be the Swaeg sets from Finland. We partied in Helsinki with some lovely peeps, then pushed a minivan around the city at 3:30 in the morning. woo! The Swaeg peeps are great, and the music will probably be on their site soonish.

DJ C has gone back to Boston to continue the Beat research. DJ Pace is the first into the land of Ph.D-dom for the riddim method crew (Wayne is next). and Kid K and I head to Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary! Woo! I am so psyched for the adriatic coast I can't believe it.

More later, including some updates about my research on reggae in the 1980s in Germany.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

big ups!

lovely gig last night at the Rhythm factory. Which I realized I'd been in before, when I used to live in Lower Clapton,* not too far away. Although I had spent more time in, and actually dj'ed at the bar "Indo" down the street. Nice little place. Illy coffee, too!

Anyway lots of good folks came out - blackdown, mr Bug, Dr. ups (our friend from Riga, Latvia's Varka Crew, relocated to London and rocking out with local peeps these days), and of course the hosts/organizers were amazing: Resonance fm, Adverse Camber, and the Torment peeps. It was a bit thin on the ground at first, but El Kano (our fantastic host, along with his amazing partner) laid down a wicked wicked groove of just my favorite kind of eclectic boom-diggity, then Kid K warmed it up a bit more, and then I went down and played one of my favorite sets so far. Luckily it was recorded hopefully we'll get a link up for that soon. DJ C tore it up afterwards, starting with BostonBounce and ending with his signature breakjungle jollity. Our pal the MathHead went up next and kept it electrohouse only it was mostly more like dubstep. The mad one like Ash from Adverse Camber went last with sounds that should really have been played in a stadium full of screaming youth.

So welcome to anyone who finds this page based on that show. I've got a myspace account
and you can also download a few of my mixes from links on the sidebar. For more regular tour updates check the riddim method site (check the right sidebar and click "Europe Tour" to pull up only updates from the tour).

*About six months ago, I was sitting in a cafe in Oakland in my "HACKNEY" sweatshirt, and a fairly cockney-sounding Londoner called me out, asking me if I'd ever been there. When I told him I'd lived in Clapton for two years, he asked me if I'd "gotten my shots" afterward. One of those moments when I was sorta speechless until he'd already moved on. I did say "What? I loved it there" but I realized later I should have maybe said something a bit more direct. Seriously it was one of the most fun places I ever lived.