Saturday, July 01, 2006

big ups!

lovely gig last night at the Rhythm factory. Which I realized I'd been in before, when I used to live in Lower Clapton,* not too far away. Although I had spent more time in, and actually dj'ed at the bar "Indo" down the street. Nice little place. Illy coffee, too!

Anyway lots of good folks came out - blackdown, mr Bug, Dr. ups (our friend from Riga, Latvia's Varka Crew, relocated to London and rocking out with local peeps these days), and of course the hosts/organizers were amazing: Resonance fm, Adverse Camber, and the Torment peeps. It was a bit thin on the ground at first, but El Kano (our fantastic host, along with his amazing partner) laid down a wicked wicked groove of just my favorite kind of eclectic boom-diggity, then Kid K warmed it up a bit more, and then I went down and played one of my favorite sets so far. Luckily it was recorded hopefully we'll get a link up for that soon. DJ C tore it up afterwards, starting with BostonBounce and ending with his signature breakjungle jollity. Our pal the MathHead went up next and kept it electrohouse only it was mostly more like dubstep. The mad one like Ash from Adverse Camber went last with sounds that should really have been played in a stadium full of screaming youth.

So welcome to anyone who finds this page based on that show. I've got a myspace account
and you can also download a few of my mixes from links on the sidebar. For more regular tour updates check the riddim method site (check the right sidebar and click "Europe Tour" to pull up only updates from the tour).

*About six months ago, I was sitting in a cafe in Oakland in my "HACKNEY" sweatshirt, and a fairly cockney-sounding Londoner called me out, asking me if I'd ever been there. When I told him I'd lived in Clapton for two years, he asked me if I'd "gotten my shots" afterward. One of those moments when I was sorta speechless until he'd already moved on. I did say "What? I loved it there" but I realized later I should have maybe said something a bit more direct. Seriously it was one of the most fun places I ever lived.


  1. Sounds like it was a good night then! See you in Bristol next Saturday.

  2. sad I missed your set at Rhythm Factory, but glad I should be able to hear it anyway.

    That geezer in Oakland sounds ridiculous. He should be stoked someone is wearing a Hackney sweater, not asking if you got your shots? What a madman, probably obsessively tells people how violent football hooligans are to try and get street points. Can you actually even buy this mysterious Hackney sweater not in Hackney? I'm totally spending this weekend interrogating everyone wearing a placename item of clothing about how long and when they were in that locale, and then asking if they got their shots.