Wednesday, July 19, 2006

greets to all visitors

This site has been a little quiet, I know. More updates from the tour at the riddim method site, try here

Many folks have recorded our sets. The best one going up soon is from the awesome Kick Up The Riddim Party in london, at the Rhythm Factory. Our fantastic hosts ResonanceFM, Adverse Camber and Torment threw an awesome party, the crowd was mad, and it all went down quite well. Check the adverse camber site for the latest on that. I will post a link here as well.

Next up will probably be the Swaeg sets from Finland. We partied in Helsinki with some lovely peeps, then pushed a minivan around the city at 3:30 in the morning. woo! The Swaeg peeps are great, and the music will probably be on their site soonish.

DJ C has gone back to Boston to continue the Beat research. DJ Pace is the first into the land of Ph.D-dom for the riddim method crew (Wayne is next). and Kid K and I head to Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary! Woo! I am so psyched for the adriatic coast I can't believe it.

More later, including some updates about my research on reggae in the 1980s in Germany.

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  1. looking forward to hearing about your 80s-era germaican research...

    best of luck with the rest !