Saturday, August 05, 2006

Back in Berlin

back and nearly recovered from the last tour. Sunburning on the rocks outside dubrovnik, new sandals tearing a hole in my foot (thanks, Kickers, for carving your brandname into the inside of the wooden sole with nice sharp corners), lack of sleep and a plethora of culture clash..

It was all fun but it's nice to back in Berlin where i know how to pass the time cheaply, have privacy and call up friends when I like.

Tonight I am actually going to see some minimal techno, for the first time in years. That's what this city is usually known for, and whoever it is that is playing (who I never heard of) is apparently someone big in the scene. So yay. I just have to stay up till 5 or 6 to properly enjoy it. Disco-nap time!

I have amassed several recordings of live sets from various gigs this tour, but it's taking a while to get them publicly posted. So far the best one for listening is the London gig put on by ResonanceFM, Adverse Camber, Torment and probably lots more peeps.

Here is a link to my set at Kick up the Riddim, you can go here to this thread where the mighty El Kano has posted a few of the other sets from that truly entertaining night. Not all yet (not Kid Kameleon's for example), but it'll come!

I just got wind of our gig at Hamburg's Rote Flora, our first gig of the tour, being recorded and posted. I remember the party, but not what I played, really, so we'll see about that one.. no link yet.

Looking back, especially at the awesome party in Budapest that ended our tour (thanks Breakshit peeps!), where I played my hardest set yet, it's been a great tour. Many thanks to the many people who made it possible, especially Kid K and DJ C, and all the awesome people we met all over europe and beyond!

More updates and recaps will follow here and at Riddim Method, and I will have a little down time in the Boston Area before going back to Cali, so I will likely fill in a bit more here as well.

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  1. hey ripley and kid k, hope u are doing fine!

    here are the promised links to your live set

    part 1

    part 2

    they are quite large but the download speed should be fast enough. the links will expire if there are no downloads for two or three weeks or so.

    hope u like it, we do :)! many greetings from hamburg, sven from fsk radio