Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Just a quick note

Back in the US

Caught up in administrative nightmares on campus.. will I be teaching? researching? researching AND teaching? Will I have 17 credits? 14 credits? who can tell?

not very music related. More on that soon.

Lastly, it's possible that this Saturday night Kid K and I will be djing at a party called HYPHYCORE, in SF somewhere. you heard it here first. We actually started working on a hyphycore mix in May, right before we left. yes, breakcore and bay area. Nice to see others on the same tip. I want it to be a series, actually. We'll see how it goes. Check back for more news - it's an outlaw so you may have to actually get in touch with me about it. But it will also be my 33rd birthday, so you should come wish me well (after midnight)

And because I can't sit still, I will be in NYC Sept 1. No gigs planned, although I'd happily take one. (hint..) then back here for 2 weeks, then to LA for another gig. I'll be updating the mysp*ce calendar shortly.

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