Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Not much to report - thank you Los Angeles

Had a nice gig in Los Angeles, with some friendly faces in the audience.

But what's up with the supposedly big city where everyone leaves the party at 2am (coincidentally, I'm sure, about when I started playing)? Justin Boyd (of the brothers Boyd - big up the Texas massive!) warmed up the crowd witha nicely dub flavored eclectic set (he's definitely in the musical family I'd say), Joe Nice laid down the dubstep gospel, Kid K steered the crowd (including CONGA LINE) through break-heavy permutations, and I took the bmore with the breakcore and the hyphy sounds through to a dubbed out finish.

I will say that although the room cleared out at 2, and I looked up a few minutes after I started to see everyone sitting around on the sidelines, by 2:25 I looked up and all the people who had been sitting were now dancing. So I still have some power left in me. I ended up experimenting a lot more than I usually do, playing a lot of new tunes and trying new mixes. Some of that was hard! But it was all good fun. Big up the MathHead for providing one tune of the night (stagga Step), and the Gunman Dem 2step remix for bringing up smiles all round.

I must say, every time I go to LA I have a great time, despite being a Bay Area resident I can't find it in my heart to bash Los Angeles. The only thing I hated was that it's a bad place to have a light-sensitive migraine (damn you, sun!), but whose fault is that? It was weird to see all the store that sell water. But the place has no natural water source, right?

Anyway, as long as I can hang out in Silverlake (at the Brite Spot), Venice, Echo Park, or parts of downtown I can't name, I'm having a good time. feel free to suggest other good places to go..

I'll be posting a bit more on the IPside soon. I'm presenting at a conference in a couple of months so I gotta focus my ideas in that direction.. changing technology changing law's intervention into musical practice - my question for this semester is how much does law depend on NOT being required to adjudicate everything? Does technology, by making existing behaviors more visible, inappropriately extend the exercise of legal sanction?

And my current project is a wiki of readings - Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Intellectual Property, that myself and a couple of people are working on. Sort of a new-style annotated bibliography. There is some fun stuff out there!

Thoughts soon on the Warner and YouTube linkup. I'm only paying attention to YouTube right now because of the availability of Star Blazers episodes. My youth comes flooding back.

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  1. where's that IP IP wiki located? not public yet? it'd be cool to watch it grow (and maybe push it along in some places, if i may be so bold -- and find the time ;) ..