Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I swear I don't get everything from boingboing

But today is DAY AGAINST DRM


DRM, of course, allows the owners of copyrights (who are often likely not to be the creators, mind you) to manage both their rights, and also your rights. If they don't want you to exercise your fair use rights, then you won't. Thanks for managing that for us! IF anyone thinks they have a right to remix, sample, mashup or copy - either because it was covered by fair use or because ofa larger claim to that right, well the law is often against you these days, but it used to be technology was on your side. Not with DRM, of course!

and I would like to big up DRM-Free a search engine for music unencumbered with DRM.

as well as a suggestion that you check this site for a list of fun activities

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