Monday, October 16, 2006

oh my gosh oh my gosh

All right. To further complicate the matter discussed below. I post a link to the band I loved the most of any band. Despite the presence of homophobia in one or two song lyrics. but my god what music. And what energy.

And hey, homo or no homo, if you liked boys, whoever you are, you'd like a lot of the hardcore scene. Not to forget: big up the ladies who held up the hardcore scene on all ends. That world was flawed but brilliant. like everyone we love.

there are a few mements I regret missing, through distance in time or location.

Not seeing Bad Brains Live at CBGB was one of them. Here's the ENTIRE show from 1982 online, or you can buy it here from amazon.


  1. YEs! RE the bad brains. I was lucky enough to see them in the 80's. They were amazing.

  2. what an awesome show, thanks for the link. I saw Bad Brains in 93, opening for the Beastie Boys. The crowd didn't get it, but I was feeling it. Apparently Bad Brains 'discovered' the Beastie Boys back in 80/81 in the NY scene.

  3. Fantastic footage and music. And the crowd. As rough and tumble it gets in there, it's an almost delicate dance sometimes that the upsurging fans do with the band.

    The kids take the stage for their celebratory stomps and dives, but then often just dissolve around HR as he steps back up through the windmilling to shred the mic.

    I can't work out where they were hiding the bass player. I haven't seen him once during the first half hour.