Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Dec 2 gig!

I'm off to the Cape Cod for a few days. But I will be preparing for a proper ragga jungle party, courtesy of my old mate The Stapler, proprietor of the SoFat SoundSystem, in San Francisco on December 2. Bring your dancing shoes!

I remember when I went to Europe to tour, I'd been partly inspired by The Stapler's intercontinental exploits - I believe he'd gone round the world with his records at some point before that. Lugging my huge box of records across the continent somehow appealed - and it seemed appropriate to invite him along, and also Aaron Spectre, who had given me my first gig in NY (along with Heartworm, now of 5lowershopsf - which is whereThe Stapler has been this past year as well! yes we all seem to end up leftcoast for a bit). I'd moved to NY in June 2001. The three of us hit a few cities - including Berlin, Prague, and Linz. Anyway I don't think Aaron had been to europe much, but he seems to have liked it, as he's on year 3 of living in Berlin 'sfarasIknow. The place is real friendly to artists. Anyway I'm glad The Stapler is doing more shows out here... and proud to reunite. so come out and dance with us!

soFat! soundsystem & the BayshoreBashmentBureau bring it!!! sat December 2
hardcore ragga jungle all night dance party
The Stapler
Kid Kameleon
@ soFat! community center, 382 84Y5H0R3, SF CA.

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